The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki introduces three more characters, first battle system details
posted on 04.23.13 at 11:35 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Battle HUD, Link Attacks, and more.

Dengeki this week introduces more new characters in The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki. New this week, you’ll meet Gaius, Claire, and Rufus, and learn more about the game’s battle system and menus.

Characters, etc.

  • Gaius Worzel: A player character. 17 years old, and uses a cross-shaped spear in battle. A boy with somewhat longish hair tied back, he cuts an imposing figure with his brown skin and height. He is from the Nord Highlands in the Northeast of the empire. His family raises sheep and trains horses. The eldest of four siblings, he has two younger brothers and a little sister. Even in this remote area they take their classes on Sunday seriously and his grades are not bad. He enters the Thors Military Academy on the recommendation of a certain imperial army officer who has appeared in previous games in the series.
    • Nord Highlands: A plateau in the northeastern part of the empire. The empire and the commonwealth both been laying claims to the territory. Since there are no trade routes, however, the confrontation is not violent.
  • Claire, Captain of the Military Police: A girl with a blue side-ponytail that belongs to the Train Military Police. She’s 24 years old and her weapon is an orbal gun. One of the “Iron Breed” under the direct control of the prime minister, she holds a high position and oversees a lot. She knew Sara from before, and her family name will be revealed during the game, but it’s connected to a character from the series.
    • Train Military Police: The regular army’s elite corps established with Prime Minister Osborne’s (オズボーン) sponsorship. He makes use of the railroad regiment to maintain public order. It doesn’t get on well with the commonwealth army the nobles possess.
    • Iron Breed: The “Children of Blood and Iron” personally selected by Prime Minister Osborne. Rector (レクター), from previous games, is one of them. There was a staff comment saying they were tightly linked to the information office.
  • Rufus Albarea: 27 years old and wields a knight’s sword. Jusis’ older brother, he is a young man with long hair and heir to the duke of Albalea and a hot topic among the elite along with ‘a certain son.’ He is sociable, even with people living in the territories, but thinks the class system is necessary and is working to put down the reformist group.
    • Aurochs Fort: A huge medieval castle in the eastern part of Bareahard being remodeled lately as a military base.

Battle System

  • Generally known as “Tactics Link.”

Camp Menu

  • Equipment
  • Orbment
  • Items
  • Status
  • Link: A new element. By choosing a link partner, abilities will appear. As your bond as friends deepen, your abilities will improve.
  • Tactics: Check on Link partners and the stationing of your seven characters. Besides the four main characters, a screenshot showing three support characters is shown.
  • Note: Like the previous games’ “Notebook.”
  • System

Battle HUD

  • AT Bar and Bonus: Placed in the upper left, this shows the character turn order.
  • Brave Points: Points displayed in the upper right. It says x0, but how they’re used is unclear.
  • Attack: One of the ring menu items.
  • Craft: Same.
  • Tools: Same.
  • Retreat: Same.
  • Move: Same.
  • Arts: Same.
  • T-Link: Use with L1. Possibly for Tactics Link.
  • Relief: Use with R1. You can change which members are battling.
  • S-Break: Hit triangle to use super special S-Crafts.
  • Auto-Battle: Hit select to auto-battle. The standard is to fight using normal attacks.

Link Attack

  • There are times when you attack that you break your opponent’s posture. When that happens, a Link Attack occurs.
  • You’ll do a cooperative attack with your tech link partner.
  • There are various types of attacks, and your moves will evolve along with your link partner’s.
  • Square button is “Burst,” triangle is “Rush,” and circle is the combo button.
  • Staff Comment: The battles are quick and have better tempo than before.

Thanks, Sokuho@Hokanko.

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  • Mistral

    Oh wow this system sounds interesting. Would love to hear more.

  • fyi1191

    I assume we will have lots of playable characters to use.

  • yuina

    Battle system sounds promising, especially the quicker tempo. I couldn’t finish Zero no Kiseki because the battles were just so damn slow and boring.


    Noooooooooooo not another character with the lovely name Gaius!
    aaaaaaaaaa im gonna go fangirl modo right now over him.

  • Ace

    There an American release date yet for this game?

    • Anime10121

      Yep, right around Neverber, the not happenth.

      I want this SO BAD :(

      I can guarantee you if these games were originally ported to PS3 instead of PSP, we’d probably already be on Trails of Zero by now :(

      • JazzyMan123

        Well, even if they were, I still doubt it considering how enormous the scripts of each and every game is.

        • Anime10121

          I disagree. I think the games would have sold TREMENDOUSLY better had they been PS3 ports vs a PSP game. As even when the PSP games WERE selling well in the west, it was only big name properties like FF,MGS,GTA, etc. A game like this was destined to fail on PSP, whereas had the game been released on PS3, far more people that actually BUY their games would have been interested. Plus it helps that PS3 Is the go to system for JRPGs.

        • raymk

          I disagree as well, enormous script keeps coming up but if they were on ps3 they’d sell better and it would motivate them to higher more translators to get the job down.

          • JazzyMan123

            More translators isn’t really recommended when translating stuff since the more cooks you have in the kitchen you may mess up the translation , especially with a huge game such as LoH.

            • raymk

              Well square seems to do just fine with multiple translators. I’m telling you xseed just really sucks at translating there games. Just look at their other games outside of the LOH games. I’m telling you its just them and there ability to not get things done correctly.

              • JazzyMan123

                And here we go again, if you’re really don’t understand then why the hell are we even discussing this?

                On one more note, text in in an FF game =/= text in an LoH game.

                • raymk

                  And yet if they had better translators the time would be cut down a lot. You exaggerate for them, I know LoH has a lot of txt and yet that’s still no excuse for how long the game takes to come out. Look at it this way japan making the script doesn’t seem to take all that long and that’s a longer job. Its like xseed only works its translators 2 hours a day at max. Companies have different schedule times and from what I can tell xseed is too small a company to handle these games unlike other companies. You don’t hear atlus,nis or square making excuses when they translate multiple games at the same time.

                  • JazzyMan123

                    “Doesn’t seem to take that long”. Really now? Did you know that Falcom spent at least 5 years writing the script for FC alone and even longer for SC? And Zero and Ao are even worst.

                    So I’m “exaggerating now” huh? I have experience in translating and I tell you that the scripts are an absolute nightmare. So unlike you I can understand how much pain it is to translate such an massive game such as SC.

                    • raymk

                      It took that long because they were writing multiple scripts at once. Besides that’s not what I’m talking about, you do know they have the scripts already done when they insert it into the game right? That’s what I’m talking about that doesn’t take that long and that’s no excuse for the piss poor localization effort of xseed. I even pointed out that they do a crappy job at non falcom games to translate and that’s the proof right there that they don’t have their business in order to do any job right. Seriously stop making excuses for this company xseed, that’s what they want you u to do. They probably have like 1 translator and probably only works 3 hours a day doing it.

                    • JazzyMan123

                      Y’know what? Let’s just end this, agree to disagree beacuse clearly we’re not getting anywhere and I’m really tired of trying to explain anything to you. See ya.

                      “Crappy job”? Now you’re seriously talking outta your rear. Unlike you, I can actually read some Japanese and I’ve compared the text from the original Japanese text of the games XSEED translated and I can tell you that they were all spot on and accurate.

                      So seriously, if you want to say they’re “crappy”, learn some Japanese and compare then, jesus..

                    • raymk

                      Yeah whatever, all you do is seem to make excuses for these companies, companies that we pay for them to even have a job. Also you compared some games not all of them and I doubt you have played every game in both english and japanese.

                    • JazzyMan123

                      Seems we’re at an impasse here then. At the very least I can read Japanese and know that the translations are spot on unlike you.

                      I not really making “excuses” here (hm, maybe I could be), but I do have an issue with you saying how XSEED’s translators are “incompetent” when you have never ever compared the original JP text to the translated ones. (And lol, all games? Nah. Just the ones that matter)

                    • raymk

                      The one’s that matter huh?Lol Fair enough.

                    • Endless History


                      Conflicting reports put the total game text at ~1.5 million Japanese characters, but all ‘I’ know for certain is that I worked from home 11-14hrs a day, 6 days/week, lost 7lbs, cut off 18inches of my hair and used the XSEED twitter account to further the cause of bacon on more than one occasion. In the end we had to employ a total of 3 translators, 1.25 editors (myself, and Tom had to jump in the last month to help me finish chapter 4) and one or two other helpful Sora no Kiseki experts that didn’t mind spontaneous Instant Messages asking about whether or not certain characters would be at home saying things like, “Lo! I am hoist with my own petard!”


                      What Jess doesn’t mention in here was that it also took her 9 months with that schedule.

                      Another note to add, now that I’ve thought about it… It wasn’t until last December when they started releasing the games for PS3, anyway. FC in December, SC was released yesterday and 3rd won’t be out until June. Then there’s the matter that, until semi-recently, Zero and Ao were only on the PSP. (Zero was released on Vita, then it’s getting a Japanese port of the Chinese PC version this summer.)

                    • raymk

                      Thanks for that, it still seems like they are understaffed. If they can’t handle certain titles give them to another company that can.

                    • Endless History

                      It’s not really a matter of staffing. Japanese is a very context driven language, multiple translators on a project gives you a ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ situation and the game becomes a mess for an editor to work on later. XSEED is required to get a certain number of games out a year, so turning all their attention to SC is just not possible… and you comment on letting another company have it- yet other companies (Atlus is one in particular) have refused to translate the games due to the amount of text in them.

                      Nevertheless, from what I’ve heard, things really aren’t as grim as everyone makes them out to be. There’s just not really anything to talk about, considering that it’s a matter of ‘yep. we’re still workin’ on it.’ Everyone seems to assume that if there’s no news, then it’s not being worked on. …but I’ve learned in the world of translation, localization, and development, that more often than not, ‘no news is good news.’ It’s just a matter of being patient.

                      I’ve said it before in other places… This kind of wait is not unusual with Falcom’s games. With the Japanese release, it took us almost two years to get SC from the developer. Heck, it took three years for us to see Zero no Kiseki after Sora no Kiseki the 3rd. Ao no Kiseki being released one year after Zero was very much AGAINST the norm. It was worth the wait on our end. I can promise that it would be worth the wait for the English releases as well.

      • Endless History

        One thing to keep in mind, as I said to raymk in another comment… Falcom didn’t do anything at all PS3 related until last year. In fact, when FC first came out on the PSP, the PS3 wasn’t even released yet. The big thing to remember is that next year, this series celebrates its 10th anniversary. It’s older than the PS3 by a little over two years.

    • 武神水樹

      It’s their first attempt at a 3D JRPG. Needs to succeed in Japan before they consider overseas

      • DesmaX

        Ys Seven?

        • raymk

          Ye’s Celceta even has a NA release announced as well. To bad its on the vita and not going to do well.

      • fyi1191

        Ys Celceta is around for awhile now.

    • JazzyMan123

      Nope. There even if there might be prepare to wait for an X amount of years.

  • 武神水樹

    If the character emotion for this isn’t fixed I won’t get it

    • raymk

      I have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Zuhri69

        Possibly the 3d model character. So far they are not expressing any form of emotion.

        • Mistral

          Honestly I don’t mind. I’m part of the generation that played games with characters that had frozen faces or dots for eyes

        • raymk

          Are you sure that’s what he’s talking about? I guess so but I don’t mind that and there’s plenty of rpg’s that don’t have very many facial emotions. Well that’s no excuse I guess but if I can play persona 4 and other 3ds rpg’s I can play this.

          • Zuhri69

            Yup. Hopefully it’ll be localised.

  • PrinceHeir

    can we get this game please!!!!

    i read the series is like Suikoden!!!!!

  • Mar Mar

    Tactics: Check on Link partners and the stationing of your seven characters.

    7 characters instead of 4? Damn this is gonna be crazy.

  • Micheal Scott

    wow this gets better ever time i see it