Judgment sold-through about 97 percent of stock, reports of sequels inaccurate
posted on 03.26.19 at 02:02 PM EDT by (@alex_tetra)
Worldwide inventory nearly gone.


Speaking during the latest Sega Nama broadcast, Sega chief creative officer Toshihiro Nagoshi said there are no plans for Judgment 2 or 3 despite reports saying they have been decided. Nagoshi also confirmed that Judgment sold-through about 97 percent of its stock and worldwide inventory is nearly gone.

Nagoshi also spoke about the arrest of Pierre Taki, who plays the role of Kyohei Hamura in Judgment.

Get the tidbits from Nagoshi below.

  • I was surprised to hear Pierre Taki was arrested.
  • When I looked at Yahoo! News in the middle of the night, it seemed like my phone was ringing through the screen. (Laughs.) From there the calls and messages wouldn’t stop all night, and eventually I was like “I know!” (Laughs.)
  • After that we started discussing how to deal with the problem.
  • We decided to halt the game’s sales fairly quickly.
  • There is no correct way to deal with the situation. In the end, I also cast my vote for halting sales. Some thought and pointed out “This is going too far” and “It’s unrelated to the game itself,” and I don’t think those opinions are unreasonable either—I can see it from both sides. So when it comes to why I voted for halting sales, it’s because it was just after release. If it was an older game released a considerable amount of time ago, our priorities may have been different, but when it was something that had been released only several months prior, I think it’s a different conversation.
  • I saw news stating that Judgment 2 had been decided and that we had plans even for Judgment 3, but I thought “Who the hell?” (Laughs.) They’re talking nonsense; absolutely none of that is true. (Laughs.)
  • Regarding the incident, there were both messages of support and comments like, “Serves you right,” but to speak against that, just because you use a celebrity, it doesn’t mean that these kinds of situations are easy to get into at all. Even if our own staff crosses a dangerous bridge, these kinds of things could happen—it is not just celebrities. If you do something bad, you have to take responsibility.
  • I’m bummed that it sold like there was a last-minute surge in demand. It reached number three on Amazon’s sales rankings. But I did kind of think, “Why didn’t you just buy from the start?” (Laughs.) Of course I’m glad in any case.
  • Sell-through was about 97 percent. Worldwide inventory is nearly gone.
  • If there is a sequel, Hamura won’t appear in it at all. (Co-host Ayana Tsubaki: “Will you change the character or something?”). Regarding that, I think there’d be various ways to approach it.

Judgment launched for PlayStation 4 in December 2018 in Japan, and is due out in the Americas and Europe on June 25. The western release will modify Kyohei Hamura’s character model and Japanese voice actor.

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