“Ultrafast turn-based combat” game AVARIAvs for PC launches November 8
posted on 10.17.18 at 10:34 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Form a party and compete against other players.


Brooklyn-based developer Juncture Media will release AVARIAvs, an “ultrafast turn-based combat” game designed to enable a balanced party-versus-party competitive Japanese RPG-esque experience, for PC and Mac via Steam on November 8 for $19.99, the studio announced. It will be available in eight languages. Users who backed the game on Kickstarter will be able to participate in a final closed beta weekend from October 19 to 21.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

Basically, “Old school Final Fantasy, but PvP.”

In AVARIAvs, players select a party of three heroes to battle against an opponent’s party. During battle, opposing players choose their actions simultaneously and then witness the mayhem of their decisions. Combat rages on until one winner reigns victorious by decimating their opponent’s HP to zero.

Be warned however, battles that do not conclude promptly may be subject to JUDGEMENT…

With 16 unique heroes each equipped with two distinct archetypes, there are over 2,000 party combinations for you to discover and master. Crush your opponents with 200-plus abilities and upgrade them in the heat of battle with AVARIA‘s Focus System. Out-level your foes mid-combat to unleash devastating Focusburns and gain the upper hand. Compete with players from around the globe with online matchmaking or enjoy local split-screen mode at home on the couch with a friend.

Experience the crippling effects of the AVARIA BattleSystem’s “Real Life Debuffs” or turn them on your opponents for epic results! Inverted controls and scrambled menus are just a taste of some of the most brutal status effects found in AVARIAvs.

Game Modes:

  • Online Matchmaking
  • Online Private Match
  • Offline Split-Screen PvP
  • Offline “Vs. Bots” One-Player Practice mode

Build YOUR party, destroy the enemy, WIN!

Watch a new developer walkthrough video below.

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