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Dynasty Warriors 9 details Cao Ren, Jia Xu, Lu Meng, Xu Shu, and Missions
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The road to victory is yours to decide.

Koei Tecmo has updated the official website for Dynasty Warriors 9 with information and screenshots of returning officers Cao Ren, Jia Xu, Lu Meng, and Xu Shu, and Missions.

Get the details below.

■ Characters

◆ Wei

Cao Ren (voiced by Hisao Egawa)

Dynasty Warriors 9

Cao Ren, a courageous warrior skilled in every martial art, had in him a gentle and courteous character. As he was deeply trusted by his cousin, Cao Cao, he joined his army alongside Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan with hopes of ending the chaotic times as quickly as possible.

Jia Xu (voiced by Hideo Ishikawa)

Dynasty Warriors 9

Jia Xu, an excellent strategist, was known for his carefully calculated and highly accurate plans. Although he originally traveled the land to avoid the turmoil, his skills were recognized by Cao Cao when he devised a plan that drove Cao Cao into a corner while in service to Zhang Xiu. With his superior knowledge, Cao Cao took him in as a strategist in his army.

◆ Wu

Lu Meng (voiced by Yukitoshi Hori)

Dynasty Warriors 9

Viewed by many as a hard worker who often took matters too seriously, Lu Meng had a straightforward personality that earned him the trust of his peers. Originally a warrior of brute strength, he grew into an excellent general with strength and strategic knowledge. His exceptional skills even caught the eye of his senior, Lu Su, who was greatly impressed with his growth.

◆ Shu

Xu Shu (voiced by Atsushi Kisaichi)

Dynasty Warriors 9

Originally a disciple of Sima Hui, Xu Shu was a skilled military strategist and an expert swordsman. After being involved in a crime for a friend, he was soon arrested wherein he then vowed to dedicate his life to scholarly pursuits rather than swordplay. Xu Shu went on to serve Liu Bei as his military advisor, however…

■ System

◆ Missions

Choose your own path! The road to victory is yours to decide!

Missions are issued on the field and players have the option to shape their own path to reach the final goal.

For example, in the Battle of Guandu, the final goal is defeating Yuan Shao, but first of all, capturing Baidu and Yanjing is suggested. If they are captured as suggested, defeating Yuan Shao will become easier. However, capturing them is optional so this suggestion can be ignored and the enemy territory can be invaded – just be prepared for a more difficult challenge.

In addition, by clearing various missions the location of the enemy’s supply depot is revealed. Attacking it will weaken Yuan Shao’s forces, but the choice is up to the player.

Finally, expanding the frontline to increase the strength of allied forces and clearing various missions will turn the tide of war, affecting the difficulty level of various battles.

The path to the final goal is yours to decide!

Battle of Guandu

—Battering rams and siege towers stand ready for use at Baima. Choose to break through the gates using the battering ram or infiltrate into the castle using the siege tower to open the gates from the inside.

Dynasty Warriors 9

—Heading straight towards the final goal of defeating Yuan Shao is an extremely difficult task. Following the strategy of capturing Baima and Yanjin may be the best way to go.

Dynasty Warriors 9

—In order to counter the Yuan Shao forces’ siege engine, information from a handmaiden is needed, but she will only provide it in exchange for finding her cat. There are various missions (requests) outside of battle, and completing them can help clear critical missions.

Dynasty Warriors 9

—A request from a villager to drive away wolves. Saving villages from danger will help in gaining the assistance of villagers in other missions.

Dynasty Warriors 9

—The difficulty of the critical mission will change according to how the player advances towards the final objective.

Dynasty Warriors 9

—Yuan Shao’s forces’ supply depot is discovered. Attacking the supply depot will greatly lower the difficulty of the critical mission.

Dynasty Warriors 9

—Various battles are taking place simultaneously in the bases in surrounding areas. By participating and winning in these battles, the frontlines will be pushed forward to your forces’ advantage.

Dynasty Warriors 9

—Assist allies with supporting attacks from atop towers. Battling to avoid further danger is a tactic to safely advance through the critical mission.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Gain the upper hand in battle by conquering bases

Numerous bases are scattered across the field, and conquering these bases will expand the allied frontline. It is possible to simply launch a straight attack into enemy lines but by boosting your force’s frontline, allied forces will assist in invading the final target area, enabling greater military strength to clear the final objective.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan, and for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in North America and Europe in early 2018. The Japanese release date will be announced on October 26.

View the character models in high-res at the gallery.

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