Mobius Final Fantasy ‘Lightning Resurrection’ event begins today
posted on 09.05.17 at 10:55 AM EST by (@salromano)
Transform into Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

Mobius Final Fantasy

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII will be the first “Ultimate Hero” card in Mobius Final Fantasy, Square Enix announced.

Ultimate Hero cards strengthen the main character and transforms their appearance, voice, and ultimate attack to that of the character.

The Lightning Ultimate Hero card will be added alongside a new storyline and other content updates and gameplay enhancements as part of the “Lightning Resurrection” event that begins today, which also includes:

  • A system that refreshes battle: The new “Lightning Resurrection” region introduces a unique battle system where players unlock paradigms to gain powerful effects in battle.
  • Hope and Snow, the New Legend Job Summons: Players will get the chance to obtain Hope (“Hope’s Guide”) and Snow (“Unbroken Hero”). Players who successfully summon these characters will also receive a Lightning-themed companion spirit.
  • New In-Game Bonuses: Players can obtain 16 gifts including a warrior weapon, “Blazefire Saber,” an exclusive Lightning ability card and a Lightning emoticon stamp by simply logging-in to the game.

Here are a couple of other notes:

  • On September 15, Hope and Snow will replace Lightning (“Knight of Etro”) and Noel (“Last Hunter”) as the available Legend job cards. Hardcore players seeking a challenge can try out the “Lightning Resurrection Region, Part 2” for more of the original story content and grow their Final Fantasy XIII cards.
  • “Ragnarok: FFXIII,” the new Supreme card, will be available for a limited time that unleash incredibly powerful and flashy moves that can attack enemies 10 times in succession. A new Ranking Event will begin on September 23, where players can use Lightning Resurrection’s paradigms to intensify the battles and compete against each other to reach the top.

Read more about the event here.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available as a free download title on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

Watch a trailer for the Final Fantasy XIII collaboration below.

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