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A Certain Magical Virtual-On launches winter 2018 in Japan
posted on 06.20.17 at 10:34 AM EST by (@salromano)
Next update likely set for Tokyo Game Show 2017.

A Certain Magical Virtual-On

The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has an interview with A Certain Magical Virtual-On producer Jurou Wataru, who shared a few new details about the March-announced high-speed battle action game, including confirmation of a winter 2018 release window for Japan.

Here are the tidbits:

  • We’re trying to make the game as close to the game in the novel as possible.
  • While keeping the genes of Virtual-On, this is a reboot with the Virtual-On that appears in the novel.
  • Currently, we’ve passed the alpha version and are creating the basic parts of the game.
  • The number of Virtuaroids that appear in the game is still a secret. There will also be Virtuaroids outside of those that appeared in the novel.
  • For the rules, we’re thinking of a framework based on points, so we’re constructing a way of putting together regulations and actions to go along with them.
  • You gain points by stealing downs, and the outcome is determined by the number of points you have.
  • The game isn’t just online battles and co-op, there is a single-player story to enjoy as well.
  • Since each Index character has a special ability, the idea is to choose and combine them with compatible Virtuaroids.
  • There are plenty of games where you fight in 3D spaces. I want to propose a new way of playing. It will be important to incorporate the abilities of the Index characters.
  • Nowadays there aren’t as many players who find enjoyment in one-on-one battles as there were back in the day, so we need a design suited to modern society in addition to the one-on-one battle style.
  • I want the game content to allow even users who don’t play games much to have fun.
  • I may be able to say something regarding the game’s release window at the Tokyo Game Show. Right now, I can’t say anything more than “winter 2018.”

A Certain Magical Virtual-On will be available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Thanks, Games Talk and Hachima Kikou.

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