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Fire Pro Wrestling World Steam Early Access content further detailed
posted on 05.18.17 at 09:45 PM EST by (@salromano)
Here's everything that's confirmed so far.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Spike Chunsoft has further detailed the features included with the Steam Early Access version of Fire Pro Wrestling World following an initial preview in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu.

Get the information below.

Offline Play

  • Exhibition: Single match with specific rules.
  • Tournament: Single-elimination tournament with up to 32 wrestlers.
  • League: Eight wrestlers per bracket with up to four brackets.


  • Normal Match: Standard match with no special rules.
  • Cage Deathmatch: The ring is surrounded by a steel cage. The first to climb over the top and escape (or pin the opponent) wins.
  • Barbed Wire Deathmatch: The ring is enclosed in electrified barbed wire that explodes on impact, causing huge damage and possibly bleeding.
  • Landmine Deathmatch: Landmines are set around the ring. If someone is thrown outside the ring, the landmines explode for massive damage. You can also set the landmines to go off at a fixed time.
  • Gruesome Fighting: 3-minute rounds fought in a 12-sided ring built for MMA matches.
  • Participants: Single, tag, 6-man tag, 8-man tag, mixed.
  • Battle Royal
    • Normal: Eliminated wrestlers are forced to leave the ring.
    • First Win: First pinfall wins the match.
    • Endless: Eliminated wrestlers stay in the ring and continue to fight.
    • Over-Rope: Any participant that is thrown over the rope is eliminated.
    • Timed: The match starts with two wrestlers and other participants enter at timed intervals.
  • Title Match: A mode to decide which wrestler is worthy to earn your custom title belt.
  • Mission Mode: Single-player mode that teaches you the ropes. Geared towards new players who need to learn the grappling system and controls.

And while not technically a “mode,” you can set all participants to CPU for simulated matches between computer-controlled wrestlers. Wrestling is the king of spectator sports, after all.

Online Play

  • Everything listed above. Only single matches (1v1) will be initially supported. We hope to increase the player count in the future.
  • Edit Mode: Create custom wrestlers, referees, teams, rings and championship belts! Workshop support makes it easy to share your creations. (More info about the Workshop in a future post, I promise.)

New Features

  • Overhauled Edit Mode: Now each body part supports up to 9 texture layers for deeper customization. In a future post, I’ll explain how we made the interface more user-friendly.
  • Move Rename: Since you can customize every other facet of your wrestler, it’s only appropriate that you can now also rename their signature moves.
  • Exchange Blows: That classic back-and-forth contest of fighting spirit where wrestlers take turns trading hits until one (or both) of them falls.
  • Okite Yaburi: Japanese wrestling term that implies a blatant diregard for the law. In the west we’d say “Move steal.” Once per match, you’re allowed to use your opponent’s finishing move against them in the ultimate sign of disrespect.
  • Run Into Ring: Now you can run and slide into the ring to keep the action flowing.
  • Rope Escape: When you’re in a submission hold, hold R1 to inch towards the rope in hopes of a rope break.

New Moves

In the ten years since the previous Fire Pro was released, the sport has developed a plethora of exciting new moves. Fire Pro Wrestling World means to make up for lost time! Here’s a sampling of the many techniques we plan to add:

  • Twisting Pull Down Face Buster
  • Pole Shift Flowsion
  • Turning Short Range Lariat

Fire Pro Wrestling World is due out for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017.

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