Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 introduces sub-class feature
posted on 05.25.17 at 06:17 AM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, meet Nadica, a self-proclaimed reporter trying to reach Yggdrasil.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2

The latest issue of Weekly Jump reveals a new sub-class feature for Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2.

The adventurers you make through character creation can learn unique skills in each class. In Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2, a sub-class can be used concurrently with your main class. You can develop a character that specializes in attacks and support, or one that compensates for its weak points.

Two examples are shown in the magazine:

  • Landsknecht main class, which specializes in close-range attacks, with a Runemaster sub-class, which specializes in long-range attacks through elemental magic. This turns the character into a powerful attacker regardles of distance.
  • Hexer main class, which specializes at exploiting the enemy’s weakness, with a Paladin sub-class, who boasts of high defense. This also enables the character to equip a shield to cover its low defense.

Outside of the sub-class information, the magazine also features a new character named Nadica. She is a mysterious girl who calls herself a reporter and is fixated on getting to Yggdrasil.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 is due out for 3DS in Japan on August 31. If you missed it, catch the latest trailer here.

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