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Dragon Quest XI introduces Zone and Link systems
posted on 05.02.17 at 05:05 AM EST by (@salromano)
Latest numbered Dragon Quest gets two more new systems.

Dragon Quest XI

The latest issue of Weekly Jump has details on two new systems in Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time—“Zone” and “Link.”

In battle, entering Zone surrounds your characters in a blue light and temporarily enhances their abilities. However, entering Zone also enables characters to use super powerful Link techniques where they attack together.

Here’s a brief overview of both systems:

  • Zone – A special state in which the character exhibits his or her highest power. It will continue for a while and can carry over to the next battle until it disappears.
  • Link – A powerful technique that combines the power of multiple party members. You can use various techniques depending on the spells and special skills you’ve learned.

It seems that monsters can also enter Zone and use Link techniques.

Here are a few examples of Link techniques:

  • Camus and Protagonist: “Falcon Dance” – Camus and the protagonist prepare their swords before unleashing a chain attack that pincers the enemy so fast they can’t even see it.
  • Silvia and Protagonist and Row: “Rose Hurricane” – A whirlwind of Silvia’s love that leaves the enemy beyond repair.
  • Full Party: “Giga Burst” – Combines the power of every party member. The ultimate special move in which the enemy is attacked within a shining blade.

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time will launch for PlayStation 4 and 3DS on July 29 in Japan. A Switch version is also planned, but has yet to be shown or dated. If you missed it, catch the latest trailers and gameplay footage here.

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