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Earth Defense Force 5 details new actions, giant grey aliens, and mysterious monsters
posted on 11.24.16 at 12:13 AM EST by (@alex_tetra)
The latest on D3 Publisher's 2017-due sequel.

D3 Publisher has released new information and screenshots of Earth Defense Force 5, detailing the third-person shooter’s new actions, giant alien grays, EMC weapons, and mysterious monsters.

Get the information below.

■ Earth Defense Force Soldiers Who Started as Civilians

Earth Defense Force 5

The player’s avatar, part of the main force of the Earth Defense Force, as well as everyone in every branch of the infantry force started out as a regular civilian. A certain Earth Defense Force base is exposed to a sudden attack from an unknown enemy… The player was headed in that direction and got caught up in the battle. However, in this state of emergency, anyone fighting has no choice but to take up arms.

■ Earth Defense Force Soldiers’ New Actions

In Earth Defense Force 5, series first actions have been added to Rangers and Wing Divers. Rangers now have a dash ability, and Wing Divers now have the ability to boost through the air.

The Ranger’s dash ability traditionally makes up for its poor mobility and is also effective for collecting items and positioning on the battlefield.

Earth Defense Force 5

The Wing Diver’s air boost ability closes the distance with an enemy in one go when equipped with short range weaponry, and is also effective as a means of quickly evading an incoming enemy attack. The strength of the Wing Diver unit has also been improved.

Earth Defense Force 5

■ Giant Grey Aliens

The “cosmonauts,” previously thought to be humanoid weapons, have their true form revealed!

Earth Defense Force 5

Shocking information arrived from the troops who successfully damaged the head of the Cosmonauts, previously thought to be humanoid robots. The successful damage was only to their armor, exposing a terrifying look on the face of an otherworldly life-form inside.

Earth Defense Force 5s

The once-thought weapons were actually highly-intelligent and large grey aliens. Having both higher intelligence and greater war fighting ability than the colonists, it has become very likely this is the true form of the Immigrants…

■ Mysterious Monster Erginus

Earth Defense Force 5

A giant monster similar in form to ancient dinosaurs. It is guessed that the Immigrants carried them here to Earth. It is currently unknown if they are extraterrestrial organisms or biological weapons developed by the Immigrants. Their ecology is also not well known.

Different from the countless invading creatures, at the present time there is only one confirmed Erginus. While it has currently been attacked with gunfire and bombardments many times over, there has not been much fatal damage inflicted. Based on this, although there is only one of them, we can say it is a great threat to us. An immediate attack strategy is demanded.

A violent aerial bombing attack on the sleeping Ergnius results in it awakening without taking any damage. We are doing everything possible to damage the creature that is more agile and quick-witted than it looks. One who meets eye-to-eye with it has no choice but to prepare for death…

The Earth Defense Force executes a large-scale crushing strategy against the giant creature. Will the large vehicles equipped with multiple electric shock cannons like that of Ergnius increase effective results as expected?


Earth Defense Force 5

Large vehicles equipped with multiple electric shock cannons. These multiple electric shock guns generate several hundred shocks in seconds to destroy its target. Its range is short and it consumes a great amount of power, but it has the strength to destroy a building in seconds. However, it as an experimental weapon at the very best, and the manufacturing cost is said to be $100 million per vehicle. Furthermore, it has no anticipated use in modern warfare. However, upon the invasion of Immigrants, it was decided to manufacture and deploy several dozen vehicles to break through the enemy’s robust armor.

■ Mysterious Monster Archeluth

Earth Defense Force 5

A super giant monster of the same rank as Erginus. It is speculated that it has an even greater vitality than Erginus. Unfortunately, weapons effective against Archeluth have yet to be discovered.

While curling up and rolling, Erginus unleashes a dreadful attack that destroys everything in his path.

Earth Defense Force 5

During the first battle against Archeluth, it appeared to emit burning rocks from its back. From this information, it seems that it stores high temperature materials inside its body to the effect that it can emit flames. Such a creature does not exist on this earth and defies common knowledge.

Earth Defense Force 5

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Earth Defense Force 5 is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2017.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

(This article is a collaboration between Cory Arnold and Sal Romano.)

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