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Akiba’s Beat details “Case 1” scenario
posted on 11.01.16 at 06:04 AM EST by (@salromano)
Asahi rushes to Akihabara Station, where things are different than usual.

Acquire has detailed the first of four “Case” scenarios of its upcoming Akihabara-set action RPG Akiba’s Beat.

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Case 1: Akihabara Station Eroded By Delusions

Akiba's Beat

Asahi, the protagonist, overslept after promising to meet up with close friend Mizuki, and rushes towards their meeting spot. Asahi cuts through the station in order to get there even a little faster, but there he sees an Akihabara Station completely different than usual.

Akiba's Beat

Asahi is flustered at the strange scene before him, which doesn’t seem very real at all. Then he hears a lone girl’s voice. A girl named Saki appears with an odd creature that floats in the air named Pinkun. She tells him everything that he sees there and now is “reality.”

Akiba's Beat

Next to Saki, who was trying to explain the phenomenon before them, was a man excited by the transformation of Akihbara Station. Hisayoshi Otoda, who runs an audio specialty shop in Akihabara, tells Asahi and company that this is Akihabara in its ideal form. However, Saki and Pinkun, who also saw it, conclude that he is the cause of these strange changes.

Akiba's Beat

As if trading places with Otoda, who takes his leave, a mysterious door appears in front of the station. Saki, who tells Asahi this is the entrance to a “Delusionscape,” forcibly gets him involved, and they head inside the door. What does Asahi see on the other side of the door? What does he find out?

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In Japan, the PlayStation 4 version of Akiba’s Beat will launch on December 15, with the PS Vita version’s release date still to be announced. In the west, Akiba’s Beat is due out across both platforms in North America and Europe in Q1 2017.

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