The King of Fighters XIV adds Geese Howard, Ryo Sazaki
posted on 03.31.16 at 11:10 AM EST by (@salromano)
From Fatal Fury and the Art of Fighting, respectively.

The King of Fighters XIV

SNK Playmore has released the tenth teaser trailer for The King of Fighters XIV confirming fighters Geese Howard, SNK’s most famous boss character since the beginning of the Fatal Fury Series, and Ryo Sazaki, the hero and karate master from the Art of Fighting trilogy.

Here are details, via PlayStation Blog Asia:

  • Geese Howard – Predictabo! Expert in traditional Japanese martial arts and counter throws, Geese reigns over Southtown with an iron hand. The most emblematic boss and villain character in the SNK Universe is back in The King of Fighters XIV!
  • Ryo Sazaki – Haohshokoken! Ryo rules now the karate dojo founded in the past by his father Takuma Sakazaki. Training very hard every day since his childhood, Ryo is now acknowledged as one of the most skilled karate practitioners of his time and is often named as the “Invincible Dragon”. Ryo Sakazaki has appeared in every title in the Series since The King of Fighters ’94 and fought once Geese Howard in Art of Fighting 2.

The King of Fighters XIV is due out exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Watch the trailer below. View a set of screenshots at the gallery.

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