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Ace Attorney 6 details basic systems
posted on 02.18.16 at 02:43 AM EST by (@salromano)
A basic overview of the upcoming 3DS sequel.

Capcom has released new Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 information and screenshots introducing the game’s basic systems.

Get the information below.

■ Basic Systems

The stories of this series fundamentally progresses through “Detective Parts” and “Courtroom Parts.” This game is set in two countries, however, progression is the same. When an incident occurs, you’ll investigate the crime scene and those connected to the event, and gather evidence and testimonies via “Detective Parts.” And with the evidence and testimonies gathered in the Detective Parts, you’ll battle prosecutors and witnesses in “Courtroom Parts” to uncover the truth of the incident.

■ Detective Parts

Ace Attorney 6

Talk, investigate, press, and move. With these four elements, you’ll gather testimonies from persons connected to the incident and incident-related evidence that will become clues to helping out your client. Investigate everywhere as not to miss anything!

■ Courtroom Parts

Ace Attorney 6

Battle witnesses and prosecutors and spot their lies and inconsistencies. Shake up testimonies that conflict with your own gathered evidence and testimonies, throw evidence at inconsistencies, and arrive at the truth!

■ Gather Evidence and Information through Detective Parts

Ace Attorney 6

Investigate the crime scene, hear out those connected to the case, and gather clues and evidence related to the incident. The amount of places you can investigate is the highest it’s ever been in the series so far, making investigation even more enjoyable. The amount of places you can go by progressing the story have increased, but with it, so have the amount of places you can investigate. Make use of the “Detective Memo” when you need a clue as to what action to take next. The evidence you collect will be listed in the “Courtroom Record” on the lowe rscreen. Be sure to check it often. Some of the evidenced items can be investigated in 3D.

More Places to Investigate

Ace Attorney 6

The locations you can move to are gradually increasing. Thoroughly investigate and grab clues wherever you go. At first glance, there may not be seem to be anything related to the incident, but examine closer and there might be a hint of something.

Switch Your Point of View

Ace Attorney 6

There are crime scenes that are expressed in 3D. As not to miss any trivial evidence, change up the viewpoint of the camera and investigate the scene from a different angle.

Collect Clues from Related Individuals

Ace Attorney 6

By talking, you can hear stories from those connected to the case. Select a topic and gather information related to the event.

By pressing with evidence related to the case, you might also be able to bring out new information.

Additionally, if you don’t know what to do next, you can open the “Detective Memo” for a hint.

■ Expose Lies and Inconsistencies through Courtroom Parts

Ace Attorney 6

In order to help out innocent defendants, fight witnesses and prosecutors using lies and inconsistent testimonies and reveal the truth of the incident.

A witness’ testimony is not necessarily a correct one. With the information and evidence you’ve gathered during Detective Parts, if you feel even the slightest inconsistency in a witness’ testimony, you can point it out immediately through “Press” and “Present.”

Ace Attorney 6

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 is due out for 3DS in Japan this year. A western release is also planned.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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