Classroom Aquatic announced for PlayStation VR
posted on 12.04.15 at 12:28 PM EST by (@salromano)
Become a diver exchange student who cheats in a dolphin school.

Classroom Aquatic

Sunken Places is bringing its virtual reality game Classroom Aquatic to PlayStation VR, the studio announced.

Classroom Aquatic puts players in the role of a foreign exchange diver student spending a semester abroad in a school for dolphins. You’ll need to take tests to pass, but the only way to pass is to cheat. And you’ll need to do it without getting caught.

Luckily, dolphins are smart mammals, and always know the right answers. But they also know when you’re trying to cheat, and the more obvious your cheating, the harder they’ll shield their answers. If you get them angry, they’ll tell the teacher.

Each teacher in Classroom Aquatic has their own way of proctoring the class. Professor Porpoise, the history and dolphinities teacher, patrols the class to prevent anyone peeking at any other pupil’s papers, while Doctor Delphinidae, the Science and Mathematics teacher, watches the class from her desk. And the Career Counselor directs his student aids to administer each question once at a time.

Teachers will employ more and more drastic methods to catch cheaters as you progress through the campaign, starting with desk dividers and classroom rearrangements, and leading into elaborate contraptions and other measures. You’ll also compete with a dolphin student who wants to out-cheat you.

A release date for Classroom Aquatic was not announced.

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