Omega Labyrinth introduces Rinne, all sorts of battle elements
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Omega Labyrinth

The latest Omega Labyrinth update introduces Rinne Kuon, the principle of the Anberyl Girls Academy that the main characters attend, as well as several battle elements.

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■ Characters

Rinne Kuon (voiced by Akira Nakagawa)

Omega Labyrinth

A woman of many mysteries, she is the founder of Anberyl Girls Academy and also works for the board chairman. Although feared by students because of her strict rules, her dignified behavior has also earned her their respect. Since her age is unknown, students have secretly begun calling her the “beautiful witch.”

■ Weapons

In the dungeon, you’ll obtain various weapons. Weapon categories include the Sword, Great Sword, Katana, Rod, Axe, Sickle, Lance, Saber, and so on. Each has different features and should be properly utilized based on the situation.


Omega Labyrinth

The average, standard hit rate weapon that deals regular damage.

Great Sword

Omega Labyrinth

A thick sword capable of mowing down a dragon. It deals more damage than the sword, but has a lower hit rate. Its damage is slightly increased when using the magic book.


Omega Labyrinth

A reliable weapon with a high hit rate and critical hit rate that will certainly damage the enemy.


Omega Labyrinth

A weapon used for standard and magic attacks. It’s strong in physical attacks, and effective in magic attacks on weaker monsters. Its damage is increased when using the magic book.


Omega Labyrinth

A weapon with very high attack damage but a slightly lower hit rate.


Omega Labyrinth

A weapon that deals low damage, but can be used to simultaneously attack all directions. It’s best used when surrounded.


Omega Labyrinth

An excellent weapon whose attacks reach forward two squares.


Omega Labyrinth

A sword with a futuristic light that can be used to attack both enemies in front of and behind you. It’s best used when sandwiched in a narrow passage.

■ Strengthening Equipment

Omega Labyrinth

You can strengthen the equipment you obtain in dungeons by consuming Omega Power. Weapons, shields, underwear can all be synthesized within their own categories (and somehow, panties and bras can be merged to create something new). You can also synthesize in the dungeon itself. If you synthesize two items of the same kind, you’ll get a more powerful version (in attack and defense) of that item. For example, synthesize two Short Swords to get a Short Sword +1. If you synthesize two completely different items, it’s possible the item will inherit additional effects such as the ability to inflict the enemy with status ailments. Certain combinations will result in completely new equipment.

■ Singing in Battle

Omega Labyrinth

You can use a “Mic,” which can be purchased at the in-game store, to sing songs during battle. Doing this will ensure that every attack you unleash on that dungeon’s floor has a 100 percent accuracy rate.

The following video highlights the songs the girls sing:

■ Traps

Monsters aren’t the only thing you should look out for in the dungeons. There are also traps scattered about. Falling into a trap might be disappointing, but when you sometimes get to look at special illustrations, it can be something to be happy about. And of course, even when viewing these special illustrations, you can enjoy Oppai touching.

Tub Trap

Omega Labyrinth

A tub falls from overhead and deals damage, creating a scene like you’d see on a variety TV show.

Log Trap

Omega Labyrinth

A log comes flying from the direction the character is facing, dealing damage and shooting them to the wall.

Fall Down Trap

Omega Labyrinth

A trap that knocks the player down and scatters the items they have on hand. It also gives players a full view of the character’s panties.

Pitfall Trap

Omega Labyrinth

A pitfall trap. The wind pressure as you’re falling will blow up your character’s skirt for a full view of her panties.

■ Prefer Chippai? Tsurupeta Trap!

Omega Labyrinth

Oppai means a big chest, so chippai means a small one. Within the dungeon, there are traps called “Tsurupeta Traps.” This basically means “smooth and flat.” This trap turns your character’s breasts to A cup size between several turns. This also affects characters whose breasts are large from the get-go (like Mirei’s E cup and Hana’s F cup). These traps affect your status, and the shock of your shrinking chest means you can no longer use your skills. And since you can’t hold an item between your breasts with an A cup, that means no Oppai Appraisals, either.

■ Skills

Mirei: Pentacle Star

Omega Labyrinth

A magic attack that shoots down arrows of light on the eight squares surrounding Mirei. Further more, between turns it increases the magic power of Mirei and her partner.

Mirei: Solid Shield

Omega Labyrinth

A skill that produces a mysterious magical shield to reduce damage. Between turns, it also increases the physical and magical defense of Mirei and her partner.

Marika: Captive Silhouette

Omega Labyrinth

A skill that calls out magic chains and sends them two squares forward in all directions. They’ll stay put for several turns.

Marika: Evil Incarnation

Omega Labyrinth

A technique that summons evil spirits that inflict all the monsters in the room with some sort of strange status ailment.

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