The Idolmaster PS4 news coming this year
posted on 03.31.15 at 07:08 AM EDT by (@iiotenki)
Million Live and SideM anime not out of the question.

The Idolmaster: One For All

The next Idolmaster game was announced for PlayStation 4 two years ago, but only begun development about half a year ago. During an interview with Famitsu this week, series producer Youzou Sakagami provides an update on the PlayStation 4 title, as well as other Idolmaster developments.

Get the quotes below.

With Cinderella Girls now animated, can we expect more developments like this moving forward?

“In a business sense, I’d love to be able to put out an anime a year, but what’s more important to me is that we team up with a company that genuinely wants to make anime adaptations of our products. If we find the right people for the job, I don’t think doing a Million Live or SideM anime is out of the question.”

What’s going on with the console games?

“The One For All staff has been developing the latest game for PlayStation 4, so right now we’re looking into technology for the next-generation of Idolmaster. Knowing that, our first task at hand is to work on making something that brings together elements that people will find charming into one refined package. This year is the series’ 10th anniversary, so somehow or another we’ll do our best to put out information.”

How about smartphones?

“Naturally, we’re thinking about it. It’s not going to be an extension of what we’ve previously done on feature phones (Cinderella Girls, Million Live, etc.), however. We’re working on a new plan altogether.”

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