Death Under the Labyrinth is a difficult dungeon RPG about re-rotating the stars
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The stars have ceased rotating and are covered in darkness.

Death Under the Labyrinth

Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation this week have first details on Compile Heart’s PS Vita dungeon RPG Death Under the Labyrinth.

Due out this summer, the game will cost 7,344 yen for the standard version, 6,480 yen for the download version, and 9,504 yen for the limited edition.

Death Under the Labyrinth takes place in a world where the stars in the sky have ceased rotating, covered up in a blanket of darkness. Estra, the female protagonist, bands together with the Guardians to conquer four towers that each have Protector Gods awaiting inside in an effort to wind back up the Celestial Screw that dictates the stars’ rotation.

Players form parties of three characters and three guardians to take on dungeons. The robotic Guardians can be customized, with different configurations potentially affecting their overall strength to a profound degree.

Five characters are introduced:

  • Estra (voiced by Ayaka Ohashi) – The main heroine.
  • Flare (voiced by Sora Amamiya) – A prideful and belligerent girl.
  • Connie (voiced by Sora Tokui) – A naive and innocent girl.
  • Maki (voiced by Mai Kadowaki) – A clear-headed, calm, cool, and collected honors student. Her exposure is “intense.”
  • Setia (voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki) – A shy bookworm whose umbrella is her trademark item.

The game’s staff is as follows:

  • Producers: Norihisa Kochiwa, Naoko Mizuno, and Makoto Kitano
  • Director: Tomoki Tauchi (led Metal Max 3 and 4, development company unknown)
  • Character Design: Ryoji
  • Guardian Design: Hidetaka Tenjin
  • Sound: Tenpei Sato and Satoshi Kadokura

“As a dungeon RPG, we’re tailoring this to be top class in terms of difficulty,” director Tauchi told Dengeki PlayStation. “The battles are hard and the dungeons themselves have mysterious aspects to them that ratchet things up, too. In essence, you could say it’ll feel something not unlike something from a Metal Max game.”

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