Dragon Quest Heroes third trailer, announces free villain DLC
posted on 02.13.15 at 06:25 AM EST by (@iiotenki)
Even more characters appearing in a game that's all about ensembles.

Dragon Quest Heroes

As was announced yesterday, Square Enix has gone live with the latest trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes.

The video itself, which you can watch below, is mainly a mixed showcase of known characters and gameplay mechanics. However, at the very end, the “shocking new information” that was previously alluded to be included yesterday by producer Ryutaro Ichimura turned out to be the announcement of free post-release DLC coming to the game that focuses on some of the series’ villains.

Though no names are specifically spelled out, judging by who appears in the background imagery, at the very least, it’s set to include Nokturnus, who last appeared in Dragon Quest IX, Zoma from Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest V‘s Bjørn the Behemoose, and the previously announced Psaro the Manslayer from Dragon Quest IV.

Watch the trailer below.

A few new TV spots were also released.

Tori Matsuzaka TV Spot

Mirei Kiritani TV Spot

Action TV Spot

Story TV Spot

Dragon Quest Heroes is out on PS3 and PS4 in Japan on February 26.

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