Edea Lee’s Bravely Second role elaborated
posted on 01.22.15 at 10:37 PM EST by (@iiotenki)
Eternian gets top billing in a sub-scenario of her own.

Bravely Second

Square Enix has dropped off a new press release for Bravely Second. Though it covers a lot of familiar ground we’ve already tackled in previous coverage, it does go into greater detail about Edea Lee’s recently revealed return, as well as how the Barter Sub-Scenario will work, among other things. Catch our abridged translation below.

Character Profile

Edea Lee, Guard Knight Captain, Eternian Army

In Bravely Default, after coming to harbor doubts about the methods of her unit, Edea fled the Eternian army and joined up with Agnes as she toured the world. Having helped save Luxendarc from impending doom and returned to Eternian’s armed forces, going so far as becoming captain of the newly formed Guard Knights, she helps out her father Braev as she works on rebuilding her country. Alongside Agnes, the new pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy, she was making progress in achieving peace between the Duchy and the Orthodoxy, but upon hearing of Agnes’ kidnapping, she heads off on her own to the various towns of Eternia in the hopes of learning more about the situation at hand.

The Barter Sub-Scenario

Bravely Second

The Barter Sub-Scenario is a new sub-scenario whose storyline stars Edea. In it, Asterisk Holders from the previous game will show up and as per the name, the sub-scenario will entail Edea stepping into disputes between two Holders over myriad issues and being forced to pick a side and make judgment calls.

New Job Information

Bravely Second

Pastry Chef
Unique Command: Confection

Pastry Chefs possess a wide array of abilities that can inflict status ailments such as poison, paralysis, and silence on enemies, as well as debuff their stats, making them effective at support during battles.

Bravely Second


Astrologers come loaded with buffs for things like offense, defense, and elemental affinities and are also capable of raising success rates for chance-based abilities, making them another job that’s effective at lending out support during skirmishes.

Bravely Second launches in Japan on April 23 for 3DS. Head over the the gallery for a slew of new artwork and screenshots here.

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