Danganronpa game announced for iOS
posted on 12.17.14 at 11:26 PM EDT by (@iiotenki)
Become the Ultimate Flinger with nothing more than an iPhone.

Spike Chunsoft has announced Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle, a free to play iOS spinoff predominantly featuring the cast of the first entry.

Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle

Unlimited Battle is an action game where players assemble teams of four characters and pull back on them to propel them like a slingshot across the screen to attack, similar to other recent Japanese mobile games such as Monster Strike. A multiplayer coop mode is also present in the game, letting up to four players fight together.

Although the cast of the second game is featured prominently on the game’s pre-registration site, what role they play remains unknown. Beyond that, all characters are confirmed to be voiced, at least during action segments. While the core game itself remains free, there will also be paid items that players can purchase using Monokuma Medals for things like continues during battle, stamina refills, and rare gachapon-style unlocks.

Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle is currently set to go live in January 2015. Pre-registering for it nets players with five free “Monokuma Medals.”

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