Kingdom Hearts III progressing as planned, Kingdom Hearts 3D HD under consideration
posted on 09.24.14 at 06:15 AM EST by (@iiotenki)
HD Remix train might not just yet be stopping at 2.5.

Kingdom Hearts III

According to some new leaks that have come out, Famitsu is said to be running an interview with Square-Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura and while it’s predominantly about the soon-to-be-released Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, a handful of details have also emerged from it pertaining to Kingdom Hearts III, as well as the future of a handful of other games in the series. Catch our translated bullet point summary below.

  • Co-director Tai Yasue’s remarks about the potential inclusion of Anna from Frozen were misconstrued by foreign media. A lack of confirmation or denial shouldn’t be taken mean anything one way or the other, let alone that it’s going to happen for sure.
  • The number of new worlds Nomura wants to include in Kingdom Hearts III are numerous, making it tough to narrow down the candidates.
  • Conversations between the “two mysterious people” will be longer and total over two minutes in length.
  • He wants the time between Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts III‘s release to be as little as possible, even amidst ongoing development of Kingdom Hearts Chi.
  • Kingdom Hearts Chi‘s and III‘s scenarios are closely linked to one another, resulting in both of them being written concurrently.
  • He doesn’t want Kingdom Hearts 3D to be the only main game in the series left out of the remaking fun, with the game as such currently being under consideration.
  • Progress on Kingdom Hearts III is going smoothly and according to plan.
  • In terms of the engine Kingdom Hearts III is using, the team is currently facing some difficulties with getting the visuals to render to their liking, but scenario writing and the world deliberation process is nonetheless coming along. New outfits for Sora and Riku are being drawn up, too, among other characters.
  • At one point, when Sora’s growth was maxed out during the game’s development in Osaka, his mobility was so high that he was practically invulnerable.
  • Keyblade variations are becoming highly diversified, with the combat system for using them similar to that employed in Birth by Sleep.
  • There are myriad plans for the series outside of Kingdom Hearts III. Right now the priority is on sifting through and responding to the numerous offers Square-Enix has received [presumably from outside firms].

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