Tales of Zestiria introduces Sergei, Lucas, and Normin, new field, battle, and character footage
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Obligatory kawaii mascot and Shonen Jump-style transformations for everyone!

Tales of Zestiria

The latest set of Tales of Zestiria videos show new field gameplay, battle footage, and character scenes.

Additionally, the latest screenshots introduce latest characters Sergei and Lucas, a new set of areas, Normin, and Kamui Fusions.

Here are the details:


Sergei (voiced by Hideyuki Hori)

“Before we start mooching off others for help, there’s something we need to take care of first. Come here and swear by this Lion Sword.”

Sergei is the leader of the Hakuou Knights, a band that serves directly under the imperial monarch of the Rolance Empire. As a result of his position, he’s well connected not only in the military, but also the world of politics, working tirelessly to try and help his country deal with the disaster that’s befallen it. A fiery man with loyalty and respect for both the empire and its people alike, he’s earned deep respect among his troops. Nevertheless, there remains a select group of people that view him as hostile, uncooperative, and difficult to approach.

Although his spiritual power is that of an average human’s, his combat prowess exceeds the capabilities of normal people, able to even respond to attacks from members of the Family of Heaven that he can’t see. Additionally, he’s capable of using Beast, a technique he inherited from the first leader of the Knights that came before him. An incident of some sort causes him to cross swords with Sorey after meeting him within Rolance’s dominion.


Lucas (voiced by Takanori Hoshino)

“Unlike your believers, it takes more than words to make us get up and actually do something.”

Lucas is a mercenary of equal renown amongst the generals of both the Hyland Kingdom and Rolance Empire. The band of mercenaries he keeps under his command is so strong that it can stand toe to toe with the main forces of conventional armies, able to down small-time Hyouma with little effort thanks to their superior cooperative abilities. For the time being, he currently serves the Hyland Kingdom.

While at first glance he might just appear to be a money-grubbing scoundrel, he nonetheless has a firm moral code that he’s built up himself over the years and is also able to evaluate a situation with calm, rational thinking. Such qualities have been instrumental in ensuring the survival of his troops on the battlefield.

New Locations

  • Vargran Forest

    Vargran Forest is a vast woodland area that sits near the edge of the border between the Hyland Kingdom and the Rolance Empire. Filled to the brim with trees that have been alive for over a millennium, inside of it are trading routes that connect both nations. Because of the ambiguity over who really has control over the area, it’s also an area that’s rampant with thieves, bandits and various other sorts of outlaws. Labyrinthine in the deepest parts, there are thought to possibly be unknown ruins that aren’t on historical record somewhere within its grounds, as well as caves that connect out to other places.

  • Camelot Bridge

    Camelot Bridge is a bridge constructed by empire that stretches across the ocean. Its construction relies on ancient ruins that sit on the sea bed to serve as the foundation for the overall structure. Such construction methodologies are evident of the intermittent nature of the legacy of civilizations and their cultures surviving in new eras, as there are cases where past technology exceeds the capabilities of that on display today on the Greenwood continent. Although the bridge was originally built for military purposes so that armies could be sent out, in the wake of the disaster, it’s lost that original purpose. Nowadays, it’s used by traders as a means of reaching far-off places, as well as a means for them to meet up with one another and exchange knowledge.


New Game System: The Normin

Normin are a type of creature that live scattered throughout the land. If you walk up and talk to them, you might just be able to convince them to help you out, resulting in being blessed with special buffs. For instance, if you tell the Normin in Marind that you want some help with defense, you’ll be buffed such that the chances of enemies dropping equipment that have defense skills will be higher. As the effects of these blessings last only within the bounds of each region, it’s in your best interests during your journey to seek out Normin everywhere so you can keep receiving their blessings.

Partner Swapping for Kamui Mode Transformations

As you likely already know, Sorey can fuse with Family of Heaven characters to achieve various elemental transformations, including Lailah, which yields a fire form. To achieve this, all you have to do is press the L1 button during combat and the partner you’re currently connected to will initiate the Kamui fusion sequence with Sorey. In the event that you need to switch out partners, you simply have to press the D-pad direction corresponding to the element you wish to use, as represented by the D-pad shaped icon on the lower half of the screen.

Do note that although you can only have one Family of Heaven character out for every human character on the battlefield, in the event that there are excess Family of Heaven characters waiting on standby, you can still call them out as partners and use them for Kamui fusions. For example, say that during a battle that Sorey and Lailah are partnered up, leaving Mikleo and Edna on standby. If you hit left on the D-pad when you’re not in a Kamui form, you’ll swap Lailah out for Mikleo. Or if you hit down on the D-pad, you’ll end up with Edna. Same thing with right on the D-pad; doing so will bring out Dezel as Sorey’s partner. By staying one step ahead of the enemy by planning around their attacks and elemental affinities in this manner, you’ll be getting the most that Kamui transformations have to offer in battle. Let’s look at the three elemental transformations you can do outside of Lailah’s fire elemental one.

  • Water Form: Sorey and Mikleo

    Fusing with Mikleo will grant you a water element transformation, bestowing you with a large bow for your weapon. With it, you can hit enemies from afar with ease, as well as hit multiple ones along the same vertical plane simultaneously. If you manage to hit enemies three times with normal blows, the bow will get even bigger, letting you hit even more enemies at once. Each arrow shot also leaves a trail of water behind, symbolizing your elemental affinity in this form.

  • Earth Form: Sorey and Edna

    Fusing with Edna, meanwhile, transforms Sorey into his earth element form, giving him a gigantic arm with which to pummel his enemies with extreme force. If you can land three normal hits, the arm transforms in a huge fist, allowing you to lift up the ground and make protrusions in it. As many attacks in this form run along the ground, it’s especially ideal for enemies that tend to crawl along the ground.

  • Wind Form: Sorey and Dezel

    Picking Dezel to do a Kamui transformation with will change Sorey into his wind-based form, bestowing him with wing-like feathers. This form is especially proficient with techniques that make use of speeds and it can build up tornadoes to cause all sorts of trouble for enemies. Landing three normal attacks in this form will result in the feathers being proper wings, opening up your attack options in a wide variety of ways, such as the ability to glide and attack multiple enemies in a vertical line. Given this form’s proficiency in the sky, it’s great against airborne enemies, as well as just naturally large ones all around.

Watch the footage below. View the screenshots at the gallery.


Battle: Partner Change

Character: Normin

Character: Edna

Character: Maltran

Character: Dezel

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