Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth details and screenshots: EDEN Syndrome, Yuuko Kamishiro, and Network Dungeons
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Latest update on Media Vision's upcoming PS VIta RPG.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

The latest Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth update offers new details and screenshots on the mysterious disease “EDEN Syndrome,” new character Yuuko Kamishiro, and the “Network Dungeons” accessible only to the player character.

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Mystery Disease, EDEN Syndrome

Rumor in the streets has it there is a mysterious disease going around known as EDEN Syndrome. It’s a strange disease that heavy users of the EDEN Cyberspace are said to develop. The disease can be triggered by illegally tampered Digivices that overload the user’s brain with data downloads or by a “Brain Jack” from hackers. But that source is unknown. In order to prevent disorder in the world, those with the disease are isolated in a special hospital facility. But the hero sees the truth when he pays the hospital a visit.

Yuuko Kamishiro

Yuuko is a girl with black hair and sad eyes who visits the hospital to investigate the cause of EDEN Syndrome, where the hero appears before her. It appears someone important to her has also come down with the disease. But what “request” will she make of the hero?

Connect Jump to the Network Dungeons

By nature, a human cannot go into the electronic world. But the hero sports a special ability known as “Connect Jump,” which allows him to do just that. Borrowing the power of the Digimon, he can access various information.

  • Bypass Security and Enter the Network – Naturally, humans cannot enter the local server and cyberspace where valuable data is stored, but using his special “Connect Jump” ability, the hero can enter this data space. He can also use the Network World to enter and escape facilities.
  • Explore Network Dungeons Protected by Security – Normal users cannot access to the Network Dungeons. For the world inaccessible to regular human beings, unlike the EDEN Cyberspace, this is a world where only electronic data exists.
  • Use Your Digimon’s Special Skills to Hack Security – Various means of security are planted throughout the Network World. By using your Digimons’ special hacking skills, you’ll gain access to a variety of information. Hacking skills available to the player can increase by level, having specific attributes, and by gathering Digimon together. Additionally, you can obtain rare skills from specific Digimon by way of events and such.

Battle in the Network Dungeons

Digimon wander the Network Dungeons. The mischievous Gatomon and BlackGatomon will appear here. A BlackGatomon is apparently very rare, with only a small percentage existing.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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