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Lesti joins the cast of Shining Resonance
posted on 07.16.14 at 12:47 PM EST by (@iiotenki)
Details on a new elven party member - more later in the week.

In a preview for the contents of this week’s issue of Famitsu, the magazine has put up another small preview of Shining Resonance that showcases a new Dragoner set to join Yuuma and company in combat.

Shining Resonance

Going by the name Lesti Sera Alma and voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, he’s Kirika’s older brother, as well as a knight who commands a group of elven troops. When working as a party member, he has a cool head about him, but he can also become an obsessive big brother type when it comes to his younger sister. As expected of a Dragoner, he wields a special weapon of his own, specifically the Dragon Fang Halberd Fang Root.

Shining Resonance Shining Resonance

Also expected to appear in the magazine later this week are details on a new costume that Kirika can sport, as well as information pertaining to the game’s weather systems.

Shining Resonance Shining Resonance

Shining Resonance is poised to come out in Japan for the PlayStation 3 on December 11.

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