Battleborn first details and screenshots
posted on 07.11.14 at 10:27 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Gearbox's latest a full retail release due out in 2015.

A Game Informer preview today shares first details and screenshots on 2K Games and Gearbox Software’s upcoming current-gen first-person shooter Battleborn.

Battleborn Battleborn

The game, due out as a full-priced retail release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2015, features a full narrative-based co-op campaign that can be played with up to five players online and in split-screen. Gearbox is aiming for 20 playable characters, and Game Informer saw nine, six of which were playable, and each with their own unique personalities, weapons, play styles, and powers which can be augmented by the player.

Game Informer was able to go hands-on with the game’s five-versus-five ‘Incursion’ mode, in which players must work alongside their team to destroy the enemy’s base, combining their efforts to do away with the enemy’s pair of gatekeeper spider-bot guardians in the process.

Each team also has its own smaller set of spider-bots that spawn at your base and march toward the enemy to assist in taking out spider-bot guardians by lowering their shields and allowing your direct attack.

Players start each match at level zero or one and can level up to at least level seven, at which point they unlock their ultimate ability. Each level up grants players one of two new abilities, with one being more defense-based and the other more based on offense. Players will be able to customize their level up choices and unlock more options as they progress.

The game map features various paths, rather than explicit lanes, tailored to each character. For example, Thorn, the archer, can jump up ledges and other paths that other characters can’t reach, while Montana, the mini-gun wielder, is so big that he can’t fit under a bridge most other characters can.

On the animations front, Gearbox is working to add body awareness. For example, if you’re playing as Miko, the mushroom character, you can see his skirt while you’re sprinting or looking down. Or, if you’re looking at Marquis, the robot sniper, you’ll see him constantly trying to keep his hat from falling off.

While the game features similarities to a multiplayer online battle action game, Game Informer says the core gameplay feels more like a shooter as opposed to something like DOTA or League of Legends.

For more details and screenshots, read up on Game Informer’s full preview here.

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