IA/VT Colorful’s Step Up Play mission mode detailed
posted on 06.11.14 at 08:28 PM EST by (@iiotenki)
Customizable GUI also in the works.

Famitsu has released a free excerpt online for some of the preview coverage it’s running in this week’s issue of IA/VT Colorful, the Marvelous AQL-developed PS Vita music game based on the vocaloid IA Project. The lion’s share of the details revolve around the game’s previously announced Step Up Play mode, which has been revealed to be a mission mode of sorts designed to add some variety to how the base rhythm game is played.

iavt_stepup2 iavt_stepup1


Step Up Play mode can be played with every song in the game, tasking the player with specially designed challenges for each song that need to be cleared. Doing so, naturally, doles out a point reward and enables the player to proceed to the next song, or “move onto the next step,” as the article describes it. Challenges can include things such as attaining a certain score, getting a minimum number of “Cool” rankings for button timing, and clearing the song within a set number of misses, among other things.

iavt_stepup5 iavt_stepup4


Outside of Step Up Play mode, the Famitsu article discusses the ability to customize parts of the game’s GUI such as the gauges and icons that can be seen while playing songs. These options can be unlocked by purchasing them from an in-game shop using the points accumulated in modes such as the previously mentioned Step Up Play mode and are then toggled from the game’s setting menu.

IA/VT Colorful is poised to come out in Japan for the PS Vita on July 31.

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