Compile Heart's second Galapagos RPG teased for PS4 - Gematsu
Compile Heart’s second Galapagos RPG teased for PS4
posted on 05.05.14 at 10:43 PM EST by (@salromano)
Grand announcement coming in this week's Famitsu.

Last week, Compile Heart begun teasing the second entry in its Galapagos RPG brand of games. It’s not Fairy Fencer F 2, or a new Mugen Souls, the video said. And it ended with a tease seemingly hinting at the game being a PlayStation 3 title. But this week, an extended version of the video hints otherwise.

In last week’s video, we saw Galapagos Iguanappi evolve into a creature shouting “Pi-Esu” and holding up three fingers on each hand. This week’s video transforms him one step further, with the creature shouting “Pi-Esu” and holding up four fingers on each hand. The video closes with a giant on-screen “4.”

Compile Heart Galapgos RPG #2 Compile Heart Galapgos RPG #2

The official ‘grand announcement’ is set to be debut in this week’s Famitsu, which if all follows the usual schedule, should leak in the early morning.

Watch the extended trailer below.

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