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Compile Heart announces Omega Quintet for PlayStation 4
posted on 05.07.14 at 05:01 AM EST by (@iiotenki)
Idol simulation and RPG hybrid due out on September 18 in Japan.

Omega Quintet

Famitsu this week confirms Omega Quintet, Compile Heart’s second Galapagos RPG teased earlier this week, for PlayStation 4. The game is due out in Japan on September 18.

The game will be priced at 6,980 yen for the standard version and 8,980 yen for the limited edition. The limited edition will come with a special box and booklet. Pre-orders will include a soundtrack CD.

The game is said to be a mixture between an idol management simulation and an RPG. It i set in a world besieged by an entity known as “Beep” (not joking) that’s corrupting people’s minds, an stars five maidens who have the singing powers necessary to combat it.

These girls consist of Otoha (voiced by Riho Iida), Kyouka (voiced by Rui Tanabe), Kanadeko (voice actress unknown), an unknown character voiced by Inori Minase, and another entirely unknown character, including their voice actress.

As of this writing, development is said to be somewhere near 60 percent complete. Given the game’s fixation on idols, the girls’ outfits are said to be in line with that theme. In terms of art direction, the development team is striving to recreate the game’s concept art within the polygonal engine and that the final result will resemble an illustration.

On the production end, Kenta Sugano is heading the game as the director. Meanwhile, the game’s music will be composed by Lantis and produced by Idea Will. Character designs have been handed off to Hukahire.

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