Bullet Girls shows off main cast, gameplay structure
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Things could get a little touchy-feely on the battlefield.

Bullet Girls

D3 Publisher has put out new details on its upcoming PS Vita military action shooter Bullet Girls, first announced in development at Shade last week.

While many of the basics were covered in the initial reveal, today’s report includes more details on the game’s cast and mechanics, as well as the first high-resolution screenshots.

Get the full report below.

An All-New Military High School Girl-Themed Action Game is Blasting Its Way onto the PS Vita!

Bullet Girls is a brand new sort of shooting game that’s all about the high school girls of the Ranger Club, a place where they practice defensive military strategies as they face down all sorts of enemies and weapons during combat. It’s a live fire situation no matter where you go, with things being just as hot off the battlefield in their own right as they are on it! Go on and live a little as you check these girls out however you please, whether it’s by treating them nice or razzing them up a little. You can even indulge in a little Interrogation Practice to see them react to your advances in ways they wouldn’t dare show under normal circumstances!

But make no mistake, the story of Bullet Girls has plenty of heart, too. There are moments of tender friendship and tears a plenty to be had as the girls of the Ranger Club work and fight together as they learn what it means to grow up little by little.

Story Premise

Bullet Girls takes place in Misakimori Academy, a private high school founded 149 years ago somewhere within Japan that aspires to cultivate the finest, most refined women. Founded on the principles of duty and constant self-refinement, Misakimori Academy features clubs that allow students to practice defensive military maneuvers, with every student required to join one of these clubs.

The game begins on the first day that new students roll out as official members of their chosen club, having spent April and May trying different clubs out before making a final decision. In the school’s hallways, as these new members stand around awaiting their new beginnings as they chatter happily, one girl stands out among the masses, projecting an aura of unease as she walks around.

And thus begins the story of the Ranger Club and its wonderfully youthful members.

Character Introductions

Bullet Girls

Aya Hinomoto (voiced by Mao Ichimichi)
First Year Student
Image Color: Red
Combat Style: Bullet Hell
In a Nutshell: A positive thinker with much potential as a new member of the Ranger Club

Aya is the sort of girl who takes everything in stride and gives everything her all. Accidentally joining the Ranger Club by sheer accident after sending her application in to the wrong club, her advisor forces her to stay until she can achieve good grades in every type of mission. As a result, she works hard each and every day to make it into the First Aid Club. Along the way, though, she finds herself charmed by the other Rangers, which could well result in her sticking around after all. While an aimless person who couldn’t tell her left side from her right, she’s otherwise a happy-go-lucky girl who enjoys each and every day of her life.

Bullet Girls

Yurina Kanezono (voiced by Aya Uchida)
First Year Student
Image Color: Yellow
Combat Style: Thunderous Bullets
In a Nutshell: A mysterious girl who’s somehow smart, yet still a bit of an airhead who isn’t great at planning ahead.

Yurina isn’t always the quickest of thinkers, but she also has occasionally demonstrates an aptitude for fitness, making her a puzzling person to figure out. A classmate of Aya’s, she also ended up joining the Ranger Club on the same day as her. When doling out support during missions, she routinely says the wrong things, confusing the other club members to no end. Outside of school, she lives together with her older brother and is quite the cook, able to whip up dishes that rival those at five-star restaurants.

Bullet Girls

Remi Kishino (voiced by Kaori Fukahara)
Second Year Student
Image Color: Green
Combat Style: Crazy Bullets
In a Nutshell: A mass of energy known for running around to and fro all over the battle field, but is also known for being out of control if something sets her anger off.

Remi is considered to be a mood maker of sorts among those in the Ranger Club as someone who’s easily excitable and has an amount of sheer energy on the battlefield that’s unmatched. When she takes part in practice skirmishes with other schools, she still routinely tries to land a wind for her side in one fell swoop. Back her up into a corner and you’ll find that she can strike back as fiercely as ever! But she becomes dangerous for other reasons altogether if she gets angry and if she gets her hands on a weapon in that state, it’s a scorched-earth policy for her, although she conveniently never remembers such lapses in judgment.

Bullet Girls

Tsukiyo Takanashi (voiced by Sachika Misawa)
Second Year Student
Image Color: Grey
Combat Style: Glamorous Bullets
In a Nutshell: A tsundere-type of girl known to creep around behind the other club members and with a knack for chest fondling that may show an element of loneliness deep down.

A girl who’s not particularly keen on losing, Tsukiyo is the very epitome of a tsundere. Not unlike a ninja, she’s quick on her feet, but has a bad habit of sneaking behind the other girls and squeezing their chests. A day doesn’t go by where the yelps of some poor victim can’t be heart. One of these days, though, she may well meet her match and find herself up against someone who can sense her advances before it’s too late. Deep down, though, she’s a lonely person, and her knack for fondling chests could be a way of expressing those issues…. Maybe. It’s hard to know for certain.

Bullet Girls

Saki Amamine (voiced by Aya Suzaki)
Second Year Student
Image Color: Pink
Combat Style: Smiley Bullets
In a Nutshell: A girl who routinely doesn’t show up to Ranger Club meetings and still has a knack for sulking around like she’s still in middle school.

Saki can be a pain to be around as a girl whose immaturity is so profound she routinely considers herself to be a real life anime character. Indeed, as someone who’s loved anime practically from the day she was conceived, she thinks of herself as the protagonist of her own anime in the real world and regards her voice as an intangible national treasure. On the outside, she may adopt a soft tone to her voice, but once she’s got her eyes set on something, there’s no stopping her until she gets what she wants. Not particularly great about making her way around the battlefield, she routinely ditches Ranger Club meetings when she deems the missions on which they’re embarking to not suit her. When she does find herself on the battlefield, though, her rations predominantly consist of sweets. Since joining Misakimori Academy, her body hasn’t grown in most any respect, a fact that she tries to keep secret.

Bullet Girls

Minagi Kamishiro (voiced by Emi Uema)
Second Year Student
Image Color: Blue
Combat Style: Razor-Sharp Bullets
In a Nutshell: A samurai warrior at heart who’s traded in her blade for a gun.

Minagi is a peculiar tactician within the Ranger Club with a cool and collected demeanor, her manner of speech reminiscent of a samurai’s. Proficient at the art of war, she has a strong independent streak that colors her as the leader of the second year students. From time to time, she’s known to express her feelings in the form of haikus, but otherwise has extreme trouble articulating those thoughts in plainer terms. Who knows what tone she’ll take when she finds herself under interrogation!?

High School Girls Gone Wild in the Ranger Club!

The girls who make up the Ranger Club in Bullet Girls get practical training in defensive military combat by taking on missions. The missions that these girls helm come in two varieties: Low Tier and High Tier. In Low Tier missions, objectives can include things such as eradicating all enemy forces, collecting items, and reaching specific points on the map. After clearing a number of Low Tier Missions in a given area, you can move on to High Tier missions, with the overall goal being to clear out every area.

Additionally, each mission in the game is conducted with two characters that you select, with one being an Attacker and the other being a Supporter. Attacker characters are controlled by you, going out onto the front lines to complete missions, whereas Supporter characters support Attackers by doing things such as providing tactical hints for how to accomplish the task at hand.

Check Out These Foxy Ladies at Work!

During battle, you can pull off moves that are sure to spice the old hormones up. From evasive maneuvers, to crouching shots, jumping, taking cover, and even getting caught up in crowds of other Ranger Club girls, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in the naughtier side of life! Just try not to get shot while checking out what’s under their skirts if you can help it.

Who Has Time for Panties and Bras!? Rip ’em off!

While out on missions, the girls’ clothing can fall apart if their stamina reaches zero on their chest, arms, legs, or waist. When this happens, a cut-in image will crop up, accompanied by one of 39 unique character reactions. No character is an exception to this rule, be it playable characters, rival ones, or even just the random nobodies you’ll come up against when fighting. Shoot wherever you like and the corresponding area will come off in due time. You just might even be able to get them to lose what’s underneath, too! Don’t expect the girls to relent without a fight, though, as they’ll try to cover up parts you have no business seeing. Furthermore, you can buy the bras and panties off of characters whose clothes you’ve completely torn up and freely equip them on your own character.

Get Up Close and Personal!

When on the clothes changing screen in Bullet Girls, the character you’ve selected is displayed on the right side of the screen. Here, not only can you change up the camera angles, but if you touch the character on the screen, they’ll communicate with you through voice and text, as well as by changing their facial expression. It’s only natural to want to touch the good bits when you’re in this sort of situation and they’ll react when you do so. Breasts, for instance, will jiggle if you poke at them on the screen. So don’t hold back and enjoy the girls’ reactions to your heart’s content.

Show No Mercy in Interrogations!

One of the things that members of the Ranger Club learn to do as a result of their missions and training is how to withstand enemy interrogations when they’re captured by way of Interrogation Practice. As a rule, after clearing the victory conditions for a High Tier Mission, the leader of the opposing team has to undergo Interrogation Practice. The benefits of this training run both ways for those involved: not only does the one being interrogated get to work on learning how to stand up to enemy advances, but the one doing the interrogating also learns how to extract top secret information from enemies that they nab. You’re going to have to steel yourself to do well here, but you have to do this important job at all costs, for both your sake and the person on the other side.

During interrogations, you’ll have to be both nice and mean to get you want, at times treating your subject well by doing things like caressing them while making them angry at other times. Every girl has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to interrogations, but if you can get them at their weak points, you’ll score yourself some major points. How many points you’ll get will vary based on where and how you go about getting what you need, meaning that tailoring your tactics to the individual girls is crucial for success. There’s no room for complacency here! Of course, it goes without saying that the touch screen can also play a role, so you can make interrogations play out rather intimately if that’s your thing. Points that are accrued during interrogations can be spent on weapons and clothes, so the harder you work, the harder you get to play later!

Theme Song Information

Tifan, the music unit headed by Emi Uema, the voice behind Minagi Kamishiro in the game, is heading up the theme song for Bullet Girls! Their cool and refreshing stylings are sure to help bring out the charm inherent to the game and its unique setting!

Title: Faith
Vocals: Tifan:
Lyrics: emily
Composition and Editing: Keita Tanaka

Faith is set to be officially released on the game’s official site, complete with its own music video! Stay tuned for more information!

Bullet Girls will launch for PS Vita on August 28 in Japan.

View the new screenshots at the gallery.

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