Paint Akiba sci-fi green in Akiba’s Trip 2 on PlayStation 4
posted on 04.23.14 at 08:12 PM EST by (@iiotenki)
Plus, your live stream viewers will show up in-game as NPCs.

Famitsu’s latest preview for the PlayStation 4 version of Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, or Akiba’s Trip 2 as it’s known in Japan, reveals more on its newly added Visual Editor and live-streaming features.

Players will be able to customize Akihabara to their liking via the new “Visual Editor” feature, either in whole or piece by piece. For example, the player can make the world monochromatic across various shades of black and green, ostensibly in an effort to recreate the vibe of how 3D visuals used to be rendered in some older games.

In addition to visual modes that change up all of the game world and the characters inhabiting it, players can also choose to change specific aspects such as the sky, which the magazine describes as a way to make Akihabara look at different times of the day and different seasons in the year.

Akiba's Trip 2 Akiba's Trip 2

As our previous post detailed, when live-streaming gameplay, users will be able to interact via the comments. Typing “Help” will call the protagonist’s sister in for help, and “panty jump” will make it rain underwear. Below is a screenshot of the latter. What it also shows, however, is how your viewers will appear in-game as NPCs in Akiba.

Akiba's Trip 2

Akiba’s Trip 2 will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 3. The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions are set to arrive in North America this summer.

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