Moero Chronicle gameplay shows monster girl raising
posted on 04.08.14 at 08:24 AM EDT by (@iiotenki)
Visit your monster girls' rooms to raise their affection towards you.

Moero Chronicle

Compile Heart has released a new gameplay trailer for Moero Chronicle, showing how players will be able to bond with and raise their moe monster girls.

Monster girls that join the player’s ranks live in their own personal rooms at a special inn. Visiting them in their rooms will naturally strengthen their affection for the player, as will the act of giving them presents. Additionally, special event scenes can occur when their affection is sufficiently high. Monster girls that have been befriended can also be viewed in a compendium that features artwork of them without their make-up on.

Parties in Moero Chronicles can be made up of whichever monster girls the player wants, with their main equipment coming in the form of underwear. Swapping out underwear in turn affects their skill points, as well as what sort of abilities they can know and utilize. The player’s choice in equipment for their monster girls will also be reflected during cutscenes.

Beyond that, players can also pick up what are known in the game as Strange Monsters, which, when combined with Raw Material Panties, can be used to create new items. Certain combinations are said to potentially elicit rare pieces of equipment as well.

Moero Chronicles is due out for PS Vita in Japan on May 15.

Watch the video below.

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