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Compile Heart launches new countdown site
posted on 12.17.13 at 01:40 AM EST by (@salromano)
Likely teasing something Record of Agarest War-related.

Compile Heart Teaser Site

Compile Heart has launched a new teaser countdown site.

The site features a wrapped present with bananas, party hats, and other objects surrounding it. Alongside the image, the text reads: “From Compile Heart, for every man: a hot present that will warm the heart and body.”

The gift has a tag on it that reads, “○○○○ト○記.” Fill in the missing blanks and you get “アガレスト戦記” (Agarest Senki), otherwise known as Record of Agarest War. It makes sense considering the bananas (NSFW), at least.

And speaking of bananas—currently the countdown is at seven days, with a reveal set for Christmas Eve. The seven days image file is hosted here. In the URL, replace 17 with 18, 19, and so on, and you’ll receive the countdown image for each respective date. Change it to 24—the last day—and you’ll get a picture of Monster Monpiece mascot Otton holding bananas… surrounded by dancing bananas. The text in that image says “Shall we have a Merry Christmas?”

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