20th anniversary Tales title countdown: 3 days - Gematsu
20th anniversary Tales title countdown: 3 days
posted on 12.08.13 at 02:29 PM EST by (@salromano)
Guess what? It's another new sentence.

Three days remain in the countdown to the reveal of Namco Bandai’s 20th anniversary Tales game, and another sentence has been added to the countdown site.

It reads, “Before they were aware, they disappeared from peoples’ memories only to be called legends… But the darkness is once again trying to cover the world.”

The previous text reads, “Legend of the guru(s). In the distant age of myths, when the world was covered in darkness, from somewhere the light would return. When the times change, and the world falls into disarray, people tell folktales and hope for salvation. Then the guru(s) will appear and sweep away the darkness. However, when peace arrives, the gurus disappeared… Where did they go…? There is no one who knew that answer.”

The new Tales game will be announced on December 12 in a Nico Nico live stream.

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