Ar no Surge purification ceremonies, more detailed
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Meet new characters Saari, Prim, Jel, and Tentouki.

Gust has shared the latest details on Ar no Surge, its upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG based on the Surge Concerto series. New this week are details on city of Quantav and Genomirai Order, new characters Saari, Prim, Jel, and Tentouki, and more.

Get the full batch of information below.

World View

  • Quantav – A city governed by the archbishop of the Genomirai Order, a religious group that worships the mysterious life form Shal. Shal coexist with humans in a town built inside giant jet engines thought to be abandoned. The town has a steam-punk appearance, with things like rattling shafts, rotating turbines, and compressors. The neglected lower area has natural vegetation growing mixed in, creating a peculiar townscape.
  • Genomirai Order – A religious group that worships the mysterious life form Shal. It is said that entering into the Order will keep the Shal from attacking you. Right now many people professing this have gathered in Quantav, making it the base of the Order. Followers are required to constantly be improving their souls, regardless of day or night, they work hard disciplining their hearts and minds. Sometimes the archbishop will give followers a trial, but it’s said that each time there are not a few number of people who insidiously disappear from town.

Game Introduction

  • A world not yet experienced where you play the new musical movement Surge Concerto! – It stars the young man Delta and the mechanical weapon Arshes, along with several partners including Casti and Ion. A story of love and bonds around the planet that they revolve on. The full details on the new musical movement Serge Concerto will be revealed little by little.
  • A story revolving around two points of view – The story progresses in “zapping scenarios” that switch between parties Delta and Casti, and Arshes and Ion. By experiencing the story from two different points of view, various truths of the world are revealed.
  • Strong thoughts and strong bonds become the shield that protects her – The main character wields a weapon empowered by “song magic,” the magical incarnation of the heroine’s thoughts, providing a variety of skills used to take down enemies. If the song magic singing heroine takes a lot of damage, the main characters must shield them as much as possible, fighting while protecting the heroine.
  • Fifteen grand and magnificent songs rock the world! – Many mysterious yet grand melodies with impressive orchestrations and multiple choruses enliven the story to the utmost. Five princesses of song make up the group that brighten this title with their voices, including Akiko Shikata renown in the Tsuchiya Akira Project, the debut of Haruka Shimotsuki, and the highly anticipated new style of Yoshino Nanjo.

The Bond Strengthening Ritual “Purification Ceremony”

  • Purification Ceremony Outfit – In the sacred purification ritual, it’s necessary to appear wearing the outfit made for this purpose. Wearing this outfit makes it easier to harvest crystals.
  • Harvesting Crystals – Crystals are harvested through five parts of the body: head, arms, legs, chest, and abdomen. These are the parts of the body that conversations pile up, and also the spots where mutual relationships are deepened and the parts where contact is first made.
  • Talk Matter and Conversations – As the game progresses, you obtain conversation seeds called “Talk Matter.” At the purification ceremony point, conversations occur based on each Talk Matter, deepening the relation between characters.
  • Talk Matter Level – Even if you obtain higher level Talk Matter, you can’t use them if your relationship isn’t deep enough. You can level it up by using lower level Talk Matter enough times. When you level up Talk Matter you have a deeper understanding of your comrades.

Song Magic

  • Bridal Launch – Features a romantic figure wearing a bridal costume. By some method concocted by what seems to be unimaginable happiness, the enemies are kicked about.
  • Heart of Light – Song magic with parts like a vacuum tube. It has a lost technology-like ambiance. There is something like sharp fingernails, an aggressiveness lurking behind the prettiness.


  • Saari (CV: Yumi Shimura) – A specialist mechanic of the elite organization Plasma protecting Felion, her real name is Saari Plank. Since childhood, she possessed the exceptional ability to hold information, and once she reached the age of discretion, worked as a top-ranked hacker. Even after becoming part of Plasma, she exhibited outstanding skills in weapon science and simple medicine creation, as well as software programming. Though she is young, she alone bears the technical side of the organization. She is currently working on a top secret mission in Quantav.
  • Prim (CV: Sayuri Hara) – With the human vocal chords required to make song magic, she is a “human model” possessing the Genome’s ability to invoke song magic. She is the only “human model” with this ability. It is especially rare because the Genome are an extinct species. She is an existence that is rarely able to be seen.
  • Jel (CV: Meiko Kawasaki) – Jelilium Limonite. She is a young woman working for the archbishop of the Genomirai Order in the decommissioned city Quantav. An advocate of coexistence between Shal and humans, when believers are gathered in thanks, their place of discipline and trial is bestowed. She believes that a peaceful world can be created under the Shal who have a greater existence than humans, having a great influence over the ideals of the Genomirai Order.
  • Tentouki (CV: ???) – The empress in command of Felion, the town where people gather. She always has heavy, thick linkage attached to her body, and she never shows that form to her people. Tentouki is thought to be female since she has the title “Heaven Governing Princess”, but knowledge of her gender and age is limited strictly to the humans in Plasma.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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