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Dengeki Bunko fighter adds Kirino Kousaka, Misaka Mikoto
posted on 10.05.13 at 12:48 AM EST by (@salromano)
Oreimo and A Certain Magical Index represent in upcoming fighter.

Sega and Dengeki have confirmed two more characters set to appear in the upcoming fighting game Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax.

From Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai comes Kirino Kousaka, and from A Certain Magical Index, Misaka Mikoto.

A group of support characters were also confirmed. There’s Wilhelmina Carmel from Shakugan no Shana, Leafa from Sword Art Online, Kamijou Touma from A Certain Magical Index, and Kuroneko from Oreimo.

The game uses an eight-directional joystick and four button input. A is your weak attack, B your middle attack, and C your strong attack. S brings out your support character. You’ll be able to move, dash, back-dash, and double jump.

Other game elements include:

  • Impact Skills: A+B, or down+A+B for a special attack.
  • Trump Card: By pressing B+C at the same time, you’ll use one Dengeki mark to send out a powerful attack.
  • Blast: By pressing A+B+C at the same time, you’ll use the Blast Icon to invoke a variety of effects.
  • Extend Action: Pull out regular attacks and certain kill skills. By holding the button, you can change your skills.
  • Potential: Specific skills each characters possess.
  • Climax Gauge: A gauge for super special moves.
  • EX Special Moves: By committing certain kill skills with the S button for a stronger move, your Climax Gauge will decrease by one.
  • Climax Arts: Consume two bars of the Climax Gauge for a super special move.
  • Reflection Guard: By pressing any button while guarding, your Climax Gauge will decrease slightly and your opponent will be forced back.
  • Quick Combination: Mash A to let out an automatic combo.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax will be playable on arcade machines at the Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival in Akihabara this Sunday, October 6. A home platform for the game, if any, has yet to be announced.

Thanks, Dengeki.

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