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Dead Rising 3 aiming for ‘Uncharted-level fidelity’
posted on 10.04.13 at 09:44 AM EST by (@salromano)
Randomly generated zombies promise "many permutations."

Dead Rising 3 will have Uncharted-level fidelity for Dead Rising 3, according to senior producer Jason Leigh. Speaking to OXM, Leigh said it will ‘feel like that kind of game’ no matter the angle.

“We kind of cram in the fidelity that you’d expect from a linear experience like Uncharted,” Leigh said, “and we try and do it everywhere so regardless of the angle you’re taking through the world, it feels like you’re playing that kind of game. [Our design team] has essentially hand-crafted spaces. You’re not going to come across a cookie-cutter sort of world.”

Interiors will be rendered as in-detail as exteriors, according to Leigh. The “majority of spaces are enterable,” he said.

Zombies are randomly generated in Dead Rising 3, and beause of this, you’ll see some diverse undead roaming about.

“Because our scarring system, clothing system, and the body/head systems are all randomized, you could potentially see many permutations,” Leigh said. “They’re not all pre-modelled.”

Dead Rising 3 is due out at Xbox One’s launch on November 22.

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