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Grand Theft Auto V: entertainment, fitness, and security
posted on 09.06.13 at 11:57 AM EST by (@salromano)
Adrenaline junkie? Take it to the limit with Egochaser.

Rockstar Games has updated the official website for Grand Theft Auto V with new additions to its “Visit Los Santos & Blaine County” section. This time, we get a look at entertainment, fitness, and security.

Find the new information below. View some new screenshots at the gallery.

Music & Radio

For those stuck in traffic, tune in to the Los Santos radio dial for a wide range of music styles to choose from. From the sound of the street on Radio Los Santos, Non Stop Pop FM’s infectious tunes, FlyLo FMs cutting-edge dance music or the funk of Space 103.2, you won’t want to sit still, even if you have been in traffic for hours.

  • Radio Los Santos
  • X Channel
  • Rebel Radio
  • East Los FM
  • West Coast Classics
  • Fiylo FM
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio
  • Los Santos Rock Radio
  • Now Stop Pop FM
  • Soulwax FM
  • The Blue Ark
  • Worldwide FM
  • The Lowdown 91.1
  • Radio Mirror Park
  • Space 103.2
  • West Coast Talk Radio 95.6
  • Blaine County Talk Radio

Home Entertainment

Vinewood – and our internationally known personalities – makes culture despite not having any of its own and there is a wide array of television programming and other programming to watch.

Fitness and Relaxation

  • Competitive Cycling: On the west coast, you’re not only judged by your car, but also by your expensive exercise gear. A bicycle that costs $10,000? Why not? Delude yourself in tight shorts and tap shoes while yelling at pedestrians for getting in your way.
  • Hiking: It’s the sport preferred by lonely psychopaths and aspiring sexual offenders. Hiking has a lot to offer. Spend days in the woods only speaking to random creatures. Go mad with your own thoughts repeating over and over inside your mind. Get mauled by a wild animal. Sit in darkness wondering what lurks in the distance ready to kill you. Fantasize about women. Hiking is a healthy sport for all to enjoy.
  • Triathlons: Triathlons bring three activities together in an epic way. In nature, it is doubtful you will be required to swim, bike, and run to escape the jaws of a bear or shark – but these days – the threat is your own ego and the darkness setting in as you grow older. The marathon was an ancient ritual popularized by the Greeks – like buggery – but combining exercise and ego is an American tradition.
  • BMX Riding: Southern San Andreas practically invented the art of turning ordinary transportation options into ways to maim yourself while showing off. Bicycle Motocross or BMX is a great way to make the urban landscape your playground. Just don’t be surprised when people post video of you faceplanting off a flight of stairs.
  • Tennis: Tennis is a very competitive sport that hasn’t changed much since the 1800s. It is still an obsession of angry upper class swingers who like to sit in the stands, drink wine, and complain about diversity.

Egochaser Energy Bar

Security and Peace of Mind

  • Security: Whether transporting valuable goods or protecting VIPs, you can be sure that heavily armed ex-military soldiers battling with PTSD are the ones to help protect your interests.
  • Peace of Mind: The Los Santos Police Department is famous for tackling crime in the most aggressive and unhinged way possible. This is through community outreach like stop and frisk, spectacular police chases and liberal use of stun guns and service revolvers.

Crime Blotter

  • Man Aggressively Filming Police – Dog Killed: Resident Rosby Wilkins was aggressively recording Police activity with a camera phone and refused to cease. Officers arrested Wilkins and for good measure shot his dog.
  • Prostitute Arrested: Shanda Murphy was arrested by police for offering intercourse rather than the oral normally expected by officers receiving her services.
  • Domestic Violence Call: Police were dispatched to the corner of Nikola Ave and Mirror Park on a charge of domestic abuse. Officers agreed with assailant that she was indeed running her mouth.
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