Final Fantasy Agito detailed in Famitsu
posted on 09.11.13 at 07:22 AM EDT by (@sqexgal)
Create your own cadet and battle in high-speed.

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Agito, a mobile adaption to Final Fantasy Type-0 in this week’s issue of Famitsu. Full details have come out via [email protected]. Find our summary below.


  • Release Date: Winter
  • Price: Free (with item micro-transactions)
  • Director: Masayasu Nishida
  • Art Director: Sayaka Hoshino
  • Composer: Takeharu Ishimoto
  • Producer: Hajime Tabata


  • You can make and edit your own cadet character.
  • The graphics are even prettier than the PSP version.
  • The system is unclear, however Moogles are connected.
  • You can handle missions using time recovering “action power.”
  • The story will change depending on votes.
  • It’ll have a high speed battle system, maybe with commands?
  • Also in this system, getting along well with certain cadets will make them watch out for you in battle.


There is a new character named Myu Kagerohi (voiced Haruka Tomatsu). She is the cadet representative, standing on behalf of the cadets.

Characters from Final Fantasy Type-0 return and are separated by class.

  • Ace: Class 0
  • Deuce: Class 4
  • Trey: Class 11
  • Cater: Class 10
  • Cinque: Class 3
  • Sice: Class 6
  • Seven: Class 7
  • Eight: Class 5
  • Nine: Class 2
  • Jack: Class 12
  • Queen: Class 1
  • King: Class 9
  • Machina: Class 2
  • Rem: Class 7


Weekly Famitsu spoke to Hajime Tabata. Here are some bullets:

  • We wanted to draw up a story where the main Type-0 characters follow a different fate. With Type-0 you could personally experience the story together live with other players, and now we’re incorporating that with what I wanted to do in the past on smart phones.
  • It’s a story that can be played repeatedly in cycles, from life to death.
  • You progress the story by chapter, and once it’s finished you can play it again from the beginning.
  • The story will change depending on the votes gathered by a decision system.
  • Plan on transmitting each chapter every two weeks.
  • Within those two weeks, the first 10 days will be solo phase, then the last 4 days will be the team phase.
  • You conduct the mission individually in solo play and then take on the boss in the team play phase.
  • There is a job system, exclusive abilities will depend on the job.
  • Even though play time varies, there are parts that you can play asynchronously together.
  • The system isn’t really about growth, it’s a system you can follow along easily.
  • You can purchase items that replenish power consumed during missions, as well as in game items, abilities, and pay to speed up the time to continue after a mission failure.
  • Tabata says he wants players to download it, whether or not they are familiar with Type-0.
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