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Knack is ten hours long
posted on 06.26.13 at 05:27 PM EST by (@admeady)
PS4 exclusive "a very story driven adventure."

PlayStation 4 exclusive character-action game Knack is ten hours long, director Mark Cerny has said.

“It’s not apparent from the E3 demo, but [Knack] is a very story driven adventure,” Cerny told IGN. “The first time through should take about ten hours, and then we have included a lot of features that make it interesting to play again.”

The game, which looks like a cross between Crash Bandicoot, God of War and Katamari Damcy, will feature “hundreds of secret rooms” full of treasure chests, and other secrets like gadgets and crystal relics designed to power up Knack. The team behind it has worked on games like Shadow of the Colossus, Ape Escape, and God of War III.

Knack will launch alongside PlayStation 4 this holiday.

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