Drakengard 3’s ‘Apostle’ companions detailed
posted on 05.15.13 at 12:57 PM EST by (@orokana_yume)
New personalities join Zero and Mikhail in battle.

In Drakengard 3, Zero and her dragon Mikhail won’t fight alone. She can bring up to two “apostles” into battle with her. A Famitsu preview today details these apostles, who not only serve as battle companions, but to fulfill Zero’s sexual desires, too.

First, let’s recap on Zero.

Zero is an Utautai who possesses inhuman physical strength and special abilities. She doesn’t think much about relationships with the opposite sex, and is a bothersome and rude character. She ceased her quarreling with her little sister, named One. She has a miraculous body and a constantly growing flower for a right eye.

And now, introducing the apostles.

“Hey there, don’t get too excited!”

A pretty boy on the outside who is extremely cruel and powerful on the inside. Wields a Chinese spear. A smart young man with sharp senses, he is able to understand other peoples’ mentality and hurt others with his wisdom. He finds delight in others’ painful expressions and screams.

“Anyhow, being a busybody, did I not only sleep eight hours yesterday?”

A good looking guy who wields a twin-sword. He has a lot of self-confidence but makes lots of mistakes, and causes trouble by spreading false information.

“Hard! It hurts!”

A super masochistic middle-aged man who fights with a fist and well-trained body. Compared to the other apostles, he is a gentleman who has a normal personality and pays consideration to women. He is an extreme masochist who turns pain and agony into his personal reward. He tries to keep a low-profile, but is well-known to all the members nonetheless.

“Only the peerless is worth it. Only the matchless is worth existing. Only the peerless …”

An old man whose greed has no match and wields a special hoop as his weapon. He looks strange, but is cunning. Among the apostles, he boasts the biggest pride.

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