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Muramasa Rebirth expanded with two new modes
posted on 04.09.13 at 02:38 PM EST by (@orokana_yume)
Survive super hard mode and enter the Den of Thieves.

Marvelous AQL is planning two new game modes for Muramasa Rebirth

The first is a “super hard mode” called “Shigurui” (let’s call it “Death Wish Mode”), which can be selected from the main menu once either Momohime’s or Kisuke’s story mode has been completed. After starting a new game, the option to choose Shigurui mode will be available. Shigurui mode is described as extremely difficult, as eating or drinking anything means instant death.

The second addition concerns “Makutsu” (“Den of Thieves”). In order to challenge the various Dens of Thieves dotted all over the world map, their seals must be broken by using the “Youtou” blades the player acquires throughout the game. Inside said dens, formidable foes, themed after their respective den, are lurking.

Each Den has a recommended level. Before challenging each, the game compares the player’s current level with the recommended one and asks whether the player wishes to proceed. One den, called “Ninja Arts 100 Shadow Clones,” literally challenges the player with 100 Ninja opponents. It is not possible to exit the Den unless all opponents are annihilated or the player is defeated.

Furthermore, it is possible to fast travel to each nation’s small shrine after the game has been cleared once with either character. Clearing all dens is the best way to complete the player’s Youtou and tools collection.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Jontaku

    If a European release date isn’t revealed closer to the U.S release then this will make for an excellent import.

    • Kostapro

      I really hope the EU release isn’t too far behind the US date because I do want to have access to the dlc.

      • Jontaku

        Hopefully shouldn’t be seeing as the Wii version came out within 2 months of the U.S one,

    • Hopefully, they’ll announce it soon… I want my Junes game too ! Every games is great at your junes !

  • Only one active account on Vita is the only gripe I have with the system. It’s a real pain if I want DLC for imported games. Can’t wait and there’s hoping the additional content will arrive on our shores as well.

    • Adol Christin

      I feel your pain. I really hope Sony change it with a future firmware update.

  • DrForbidden

    “Shigurui mode is described as extremely difficult, as eating or drinking anything means instant death.”

    This strikes me as weird, since the Japanese food porn is one of the most characteristic features of the game…

  • yuina

    Uh, none of these features are new.

    • DrForbidden

      You are correct, sir. The modes themselves are present in the WII release, though I do not know if there have been alterations in the Vita release.

      I never bothered to complete all the dens or to play Shigurui, so I don’t know whether what is described in the article is new or old.