Liberation Maiden SIN announced for PlayStation 3
posted on 04.16.13 at 06:50 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Grasshopper Manfuacture boss Goichi Suda taking part.

5pb. is bringing Goichi Suda’s Guild 01 3DS shoot ’em up Liberation Maiden to PlayStation 3 in the form of an adventure game, this week’s Famitsu reveals.

Liberation Maiden SIN stars main character Kiyoto Kaidou, appointed as the chief aide under the supervision of President Shouko (the main character of the 3DS game). Kiyoto has the ability to read others’ minds.

Additionally, the game will introduce many new beautiful women as members of the cabinet. And Suda wrote some of the game’s scenarios.

Thanks, Tale Tale Source.

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  • 5PB!!

  • Budgiecat

    “See’s Suda’s Liberation Maiden game sequel coming to PS3 and is excited”

    “notices that it will be a visual novel”

    Leaves topic disappointed….

    • >title regarding 5pb.
      >visual novel

      I’m… Really not entirely sure what you came in here expecting, lol. 5pb. is mostly known for their VNs =3=

      • Budgiecat

        for 5pb to try something new for once? Especially since title said “Liberation Maiden” aka a Suda Shooter?

        • Actually, it wouldn’t be the first time they stepped out of their comfort zone. Their 360 exclusive fighter ‘Phantom Breaker’ says “Hi”. It wasn’t exactly good, but I’m glad to see them try to expand their genres.

    • What’s wrong with VNs?
      What @TetsuyaHikari said

      • Budgiecat

        Visual novels are usually boring and have little to zero gameplay. Even games like Walking Dead, Mass Effect, Another Code R, Trauma Team, Time Travelers, 999, Phoenix Wright do it much better. You barely even have element of choice in VN. And as such, that means zero chance of localization on PS3 too. Color me unexcited sorry.

        • almostautumn

          To each their own. Plus, there’s a pretty big cultural-gap between west and east opinions with VN’s. It’s a thoroughly routed genre in the east, and despite them sometimes truly not even having choices, the aspect of using gaming for that style of experience is just common there, without the concept of “boredom” that most westerner’s truly do believe of it.
          Personally, I think it’s a shame we don’t get to experience them. Some of them, like White Album and Robotics;Notes, really sound like terrific stories— shame they won’t be released in English, really.

        • You’re perfectly entitled to have that opinion and dislike the limited interaction in VNs. To me it’s more about the gorgeous art, stellar voice acting and great story than active participation in the game. It’s also a great way to improve/practice your Japanese.
          You’re absolutely right with the localization prospect, though. VNs are basically non-existent as a genre in the west so localization is highly unlikely.

          p.s. to be frank, ME’s shooting (i.e. actual gameplay) is piss-poor and conversing/ interacting with other characters is way more fun :P

          Time Travelers is a typical VN with the time stop mechanic and (mostly meaningless) QTEs making it somewhat different. Yet it’s still a VN in a broad sense ;)

      • I think the biggest problem for VN in the west is whether one can stand reading the texts. Then again, if people can sit through a long novel, then they should be no reason why they can’t sit through a VN with picture, sounds and voice acting.

        • Well, they are called “Visual Novel” for a reason. But I agree, it’s more of a different paradigm kinda stuff. I enjoy reading through visual novels, both on PC and Vita. For people studying Japanese they are a great id to practice listening comprehension, reading and Kanji.

  • Bloodios

    So, will it be purely visual novel or will it also include the original shooter elements? I mean, we’re not going through the missions solely by reading texts and looking at artworks, right?

    • Budgiecat

      most likely yes unfortunately

  • That was…unexpected. PS3 exclusive from 5pb? That was unexpected too.

  • AdachiTohru

    A 3DS exclusive going PS3 exclusive ?

    • tubers

      Next up, a PSV iteration :D

  • Elvick

    This is getting tedious. All I ask is a Vita port. Come on… I have it on 3DS and it’s fun, but god I’d be so boss on Vita.

    And now this for PS3? D:<

    I mean, awesome… if we get it. :|

    But, come on. D:< Vita Level-5, your support has been self-destructive for the most part.

  • Himiko

    It’s a VN? Good stuff and expected. I look forward to it.

    I also like beautiful women.