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Killer is Dead ‘Gigolo Missions’ detailed
posted on 04.16.13 at 07:51 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
Mondo Zappa travels the world to meet exotic women.

Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture have detailed Killer is Dead‘s Gigolo Missions, a side mode in which protagonist Mondo Zappa travels to various parts of the world to meet exotic women.

The full set of details can be found below. View a new set of screenshots, also showing Mondo’s combat abilities like sword slash, guard, dodge and guard break, and a battle with the power hungry villain Victor, at the gallery.

Killer is Dead is due out worldwide this summer.

Gigolo Missions

Killer is Dead is split into two mission types: normal missions where you fight around the world as an executioner, and Gigolo Missions where you face off as a gigolo against “Mondo’s Girls,” or ladies Mondo encounters around the world.

Mondo will meet beautiful women during his fights and can deepen his relationship with them through Gigolo Missions. As a reward for winning over the hearts of these ladies, he is granted useful things like “Muscle Back” equipment and enhanced abilities. Mondo aims to be the strongest executioner by raising his manliness and improving his gigolo skills.

Gigolo Glasses

The strongest tool a gigolo can use, the Gigolo Glasses can literally see through the heart and soul of a woman. When Mondo equips them, he can see the desires of the beautiful women who hold the key to the Gigolo Mission. In other words, he can see the gift that they want. Not only can he see their desires, but he can also peek into their clothing. The faint of heart will have to be careful. Use your manly conscious to know when to equip it.

Two Kinds of Gigolo Glasses

There are two types of gigolo glasses: the lovely and mysterious pink glasses with a heart on the frame and the manly and mysterious black glasses with a lady’s silhouette on the frame. Each one’s function and method of obtaining is shrouded in mystery.

  • Mysterious Pink Glasses: Understanding a woman’s feelings is difficult. If you put on these glasses, which secretly reveal a woman’s true feelings, can you see right through even her body and soul?
  • Mysterious Black Glasses: Everything about these glasses is a mystery. How will it’s function and how will its acquisition be different?

Gigolo Vision

When you equip the Gigolo Glasses, everything about a woman is revealed. You’ll use these to see women in Gigolo Vision. Through the gallery, for example, you’ll see Natalia (detailed below), her body and soul completely revealed.

Natalia a.k.a. “The Pheromone”

  • B/W/H: 91/62/86
  • Height: 170cm
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Age: 27

A devilish women (pictured way up above) who has taken many men prisoner with her beauty. She has a lot of information about the surface and underside of society. However, she considers her knowledge one of her weapons to control men. She doesn’t think of herself as a typical women and has a strong sense of pride, but she becomes fascinated by Mondo’s charm—like his overflowing scent of danger and his strange, yet sexy appeal.

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