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Killer is Dead characters and enemies detailed
posted on 04.02.13 at 12:43 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
Meet Giant Head, Damon, and the mysterious beauty Scarlet.

Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture have detailed previously known and new characters in its upcoming action game Killer is Dead.

Among official English descriptions for Mondo, Vivienne, Mika, Bryan, Victor, and new characters Damon and Giant Head, are Gematsu translations for a swift new enemy, a mysterious beauty, and some combat tidbits.

Additionally, below our detailed summary, you can find yesterday’s new trailer, now with English voice-overs, and 42 new screenshots (available at the gallery).


Mondo Zappa

CV: Ryotaro Okiayu
Age: 35
Origin: U.S.A.

Mondo´s job is to execute criminals, and no hit is too big for him. He wields a Japanese sword in his right hand and has a blood-powered artificial device where his left arm used to be, configured to accept all manner of interchangeable attachments. Although extraordinarily useful in his line of work, Mondo has no memory as to how he acquired this particular “feature.”

When he´s not working, Mondo is quite the sweet-talker, seducing a wide variety of beautiful women with ease.

His favorite food is soft-boiled egg.

Vivienne Squall

CV: Yuhko Kaida
Age: 25
Origin: U.K.

Vivienne is a calm, cool and collected executioner who always takes a firm but fair tone with clients and is generally well-liked by everyone. Should the topic of her private life come up, however, her mood may sour very quickly.

Whenever Mondo is in trouble, Vivienne swings by on her motorcycle to help him out, unleashing her move using16 pistols collectively known as the “Vivienne Phantom.”

Mika Takekawa

CV: Aki Toyosaki
Age: 20
Origin: Japan

Mika met Mondo in passing, and found herself living with him as his assistant due to her extensive culinary skills (meaning, she´s good at preparing soft-boiled eggs just the way Mondo likes them).

Her eccentric words and “fangirlish”” behavior often lighten the mood during otherwise intense assignments.

Bryan Roses

CV: Unsho Ishizuka
Age: 65
Origin: U.S.A.

A retired executioner with an impeccable record, Bryan now runs the show – though he doesn´t pay much heed to company management, as he has a lot of confidence in his subordinates and really only still involves himself in the business as a matter of pride.

He was one of the best executioners in the world at one time, and his partially mechanized body serves as a reminder of his prestigious career.

Occasionally supports Mondo by combining himself with a gun turret to form the deadliest weapon of all: the widely-feared “Bryan Turret.”


Having heard tell of a musician named Jubilee, whose talents could supposedly control human emotions through song, Victor knew he had to possess this ability for himself. And so he stole the poor musician’s talent – the very life essence that enabled these miraculous sounds to be played – and began using them to produce warped, distorted melodies of malice, with the ultimate goal of creating dark matter and purifying the world in a mass baptism of evil.


Damon has some connection with Bryan’s Executioner Office.

Having begun his transformation into an enhanced being known as a “Wire,” Damon’s humanity has started to disappear, leaving him with cold, crazy eyes.

Giant Head

An enigmatic giant who stands several hundred meters tall and went on a rampage because he was woken up a bit too early.

Giant Head seems to have stolen the very earth itself, and the client has hired Mondo to bring it back.


An enhanced being known as a “Wire.” Due to his agility and battle style, his nickname is “Ninja.” He has the ability to teleport, and he carries a sai and a short sword in both hands which he uses to attack Mondo.

Mysterious Beauty, Scarlet

Right in the middle of a fight, this mysterious beauty Scarlet appears suddenly right before Mondo’s eyes. She is a sexy nurse who carries a huge syringe filled with a bright color. With her provocative poses and speech, is she attempting to seduce Mondo during an execution mission? Is it an execution, or a moment with a beautiful woman? The player’s distress synchronizes with Mondo’s distress…


Charge Gun: Using the blood collected by the wires, it releases a strong surge blast. By charging energy, you can create a blast that engulfs even more enemies. But on the other hand doing this causes you to be defenseless, so you have to pay close attention when using it.

Left Arm: Due to some accident, a special flesh reconstruction was performed on Mondo’s left arm. The left arm is powered by the blood of a villain who has been consumed by dark matter. It becomes a weapon that demonstrates various abilities in battle.

Trailer #2 (Dubbed in English)

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  • Bobby Jennings

    So what is this? A RPG?

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      Ever played Killer 7?

      • almostautumn

        I’m seeing much more NMH gameplay-wise than Killer (art-direction seems to blend killer and NMH also). There’s also footage of TPS gameplay, so perhaps some SotD also?

    • z_merquise

      No. A 3D action game.

      • Yeah, the day Grasshopper Manufacture makes a RPG…

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    Hellllooooooo Nurse *wolf whistle* *hubba hubba*

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    Awww, this trailer doesn’t have the part where Mondo gets punched by that random woman at the end, lol.

    Anyways, looks like we’re in for some internal dramaz. Exellent *_*

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    That last voice in the trailer, was that Crispin Freeman…? Meanwhile with all these new details and the trailer, this is definitely a Grasshoper game goodness. This is shaping up to be a nice summer title.

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  • mika’s english va is annoying, rest is top notch. localization done right, exseed are awesome.

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      don’t worry there’s a high chance this will be dual audio(already confirmed for asia and europe)

      so choose your settings ^^

      • wut, it’s been confirmed to be dual audio in Europe? Missed that. Yatta! As I’m getting the majority of my games off these news couldn’t make me happier.
        Now I truly love exseed =)

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          • It shows they care about us and give us the option to choose the original audio. That I will support with my wallet =)

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  • PrinceHeir

    hmm i just notice Mika’s skin is soo shiny and silky :)

    i also think “Scarlet” is just Vivienne in disguise :P

  • PrinceHeir

    hmm i just notice Mika’s skin is soo shiny and silky :)

    i also think “Scarlet” is just Vivienne in disguise :P