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God Eater 2’s Shotgun revealed
posted on 04.20.13 at 03:14 PM EST by (@orokana_yume)
New details on close and long-range combat.

Famitsu.com has gone live with the latest batch of information on God Eater 2.

In close-range combat, you can attack the enemy Aragami up front. The close-range category includes the following five weapon types: Short Blade, Long Blade, Buster Blade, Boost Hammer, and Charge Spear.

When the enemy becomes enraged, they have far-reaching attacks, so attacking in gun form is very effective. The series’ trademark “Bullet Edit” feature, in which players can customize the behavior of their bullets, will also be present in God Eater 2.

New to God Eater 2 is the shotgun, a new gun barrel category specializing in close-range combat. It has a short range of fire, but high firepower. The bullet is called “Sandan,” which literally means “gun shot.” There’s also a “Rush Fire” ability, which sends out high impact bullets at rapid intervals. In previous games, the gun barrels’ performance, bullet speed, etc. were deliberately tweaked for individual results, but this time they are planned to be normalized.

God Eater 2 is due out for PS Vita and PSP this year in Japan.

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