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God Dimension Idol Neptune PP detailed in Dengeki
posted on 04.09.13 at 03:56 PM EST by (@orokana_yume)
Compete for shares in a setting parallel to previous games.

Dengeki PlayStation this week shares new information on God Dimension Idol Neptune PP for PS Vita. 

The game is due out in Japan on June 20 for 6,279 yen at retail and 5,300 via download. A limited edition is also on the way.

It is set in the familiar world of Gamesindustri, where an idol boom has emerged. The situation of “share-grabbing” is a dire one, and the story runs parallel to the previous Neptunia games. A new enemy known “MOB48” (an obvious crack at AKB48) is competing against the goddesses for shares.

The situation of the “share-grabbing” goddesses is dire, yet it seems the game’s setting (events, story etc.) runs parallel to the previous Neptunia games. A new enemy competing for “shares” in the different-seeming world from Goddess Dimension is called “MOB48.”

Three characters have bee revealed so far: Neptune, Noire, Blank, and Vert. Nepgear was seen on other pictures, but hasn’t been officially announced yet.

The results of a live stage performance in Neptune PP depend on many factors including “guts,” stress fans, “anti-fans,” etc. It’s necessary to take “share” back from MOB48 by performing well on stage. There are four different types of live stages. During the live concerts, the goddesses can transform. As they transform their voices are affected, as well. Noire, for example, will probably not be able to sing along with the lyrics after her transformation and can request assistance. The idols can also be dressed up in the player’s favorite clothes, and the camera is fully operational while watching the scenes.

The magazine shows pictures of a new outfit called “Jersey One Piece.” And there is an event scene where a Dogoo is attending a handshake event, but can’t actually do it.

Additionally, the magazine provides a brief tidbit on the recently announced Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth 1: the game is basically a compilation of ideas for future games crammed into one single game.

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  • DarthBrian

    So, this sounds like the best game ever.

    Also, Roland(?), you have a duplicate, but not quite, paragraph in there starting with “it is set in the familiar world of gamesindustri”.

    • Ah, sorry, my bad. Will be fixing it asap. Thanks for noticing. It was a quick translation of two different articles so sometimes stuff slips past QA.

  • Friend is helping me get the shop edition from Ebten


  • Eclipse

    I’m really loving how all of this sounds <3

  • 알레한드로

    WILL IT BE LOCALIZED THO? I have hopes, as neptunia games have been localized quite steadily so far (no clue why), so it makes sense to try and tap the followers of the series, right? i mean, PLEASE?

  • Elvick

    I want it so bad. ):

  • fyi1191
  • artemisthemp

    I am a bit worried this ain’t gonna be localize, since the music in game makes it’s a bit of License right hell, but should it get license… Well I most likely buy 2 copies.
    1. LE (US) and 1. EU Edition. (damn you Vita and your 1 account pr. Memory Card restriction)