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Conception II introduces Chloe, Tori, and Serina
posted on 04.27.13 at 12:39 PM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, three new battle system elements.‘s latest Conception II preview introduces three new characters and new battle system elements in Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming handheld RPG.


Chloe (CV: Satomi Sato)

The older sister of the main character’s classmate Kurotsugu. Though she is a disciple, she also works as an academy teacher and receives excellent grades. Despite being a disciple, she is proud of her idol-like popularity within the academy because she can connect with her classmates.

Tori (CV: Mai Kadowaki)

Because she was raised in a laboratory, she is naive and will believe anything she is told. A young girl brought up in a closed world, she has a strong desire for the “sky.”

Serina (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi)

Despite her short, child-like appearance, she is a senior disciple with great power. Though she has a kind personality, she also has a surprisingly emboldened side. She seems to harbor a strong complex regarding her outward appearance.

New Battle System Elements

Ether Gauge

To fight monsters, you’ll need “Ether Energy,” represented through a gauge in four levels of concentration, from 0 to 3. If your Ether Gauge level is high, your partners’ speed will increase, and your Overchain Gauge can be more easily accumulated.

Seventh Barrette

The protagonist and a heroine can cooperate to perform a powerful attack known as the Seventh Barrette, which differs for each heroine. By adding a Star Child into the mix, the attack can become more effective.


When your allies are in a pinch, you can defend them from an enemy attack with Intercept, a new feature triggered at random. The stronger your bonds with the Star Children are, the more likely you’ll trigger an Intercept.

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