Bethesda Softworks teasing something new
posted on 04.16.13 at 04:05 PM EDT by (@admeady)
Barbed wire and rotating documents.

Bethesda is teasing a new game project.

The Elder Scrolls and Fallout publisher posted a short video of spinning barbed wire and documents on Twitter.

According to Bethesda’s Pete Hines, it is not a new Fallout game.

The Shinji Mikami-led, Bethesda-owned Tango Gameworks is currently working on a horror game code-named Zwei. Bethesda previously said 2013 will be its year.

In November 2010, Bethesda acquired MachineGames, who are working on an unannounced project for ZeniMax using id Tech 5 engine technology. It’s believed to be a new Wolfenstein.

It’s possible we may see either of these two titles revealed, or something entirely new.

Watch the teaser video below.

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  • Fallout related but a new game now, dunno about that

  • Solomon_Kano

    Barbed wire makes me think Wolfenstein. Military bases, prison camps, etc. always have barbed wire and those are familiar for Wolfenstein. Looking forward to the full reveal.

    • I’m hoping it’s Wolfenstein myself, though it could be for Zwei too. I kinda got a slight RE vibe from the images, mostly the documents.

  • Skeletor

    Well whatever it is we know it’ll have more glitches than the Matrix.

  • This looks more like Wolfenstein than Zwei. As long as it’s not developed by Bethesda – neither game seems to be – there’s nothing to fear. Return to CW was tons of fun. Let’s not talk about that rubbish game also released on 7th generation consoles (Wolfenstein 2009 on PC, PS3 and X360) and the mobile entry “Wolfenstein RPG”. I’m quite excited for both games.