The Last of Us early access demo hits May 31 - Gematsu
The Last of Us early access demo hits May 31
posted on 03.08.13 at 06:39 PM EST by (@salromano)
Test play Naughty Dog's new IP two weeks before launch.

Consumers who purchase God of War: Ascension will gain early access to a demo for Naughty Dog’s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last of Us.

The developer revealed the release date for the early demo on Twitter to be May 31, exactly two weeks before the game’s release on June 14.

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  • Heistt

    Having to buy GoW: Ascension to get it early? Oh come on, that’s just trickery, it shouldn’t be like that.

    Oh well.

    • Skeletor

      “having to buy GoW”

      You dont have to buy GoW. For those of us already buying GoW this early access demo is a nice bonus.

      • GhostNomad

        And that’s cool, but for those of us who have no interest in GoW or at least in Ascension, yet are incredibly hyped for Last of Us, it’s uncool.

        • Skeletor

          Those that dont buy Ascension can wait two more weeks to play the full game.
          Your statement implies that youre a GoW fan but you are lumped in with some insane group that shares that sentiment and yet also seem to have no interest in Ascension?!?!?

          Does not compute.

          I am sorry you let reviews sway your decisions of what you play :(

          • GhostNomad

            I never said it was a crime or that I was throwing a fit just because certain people get the demo and others don’t. As a military man, I’m VERY used to waiting, trust me. It’s not an issue.

            Now, I never implied I was a fan of GoW in general. I simply implied that not everyone is a fan of GoW, and not every fan of GoW is in love with Ascension. At the same time, not every GoW fan is a fan for Last of Us, and not every Last of Us fan is in love with GoW! See how that works?

            Trust me, reviews have zero effect on what I play considering most of them are complete bull****. I let the game speak for itself instead of letting someone else do the talking ;D

            • Skeletor

              I like that about you. Congrats on being an individual free thinker. I mean that. Alao, thank you for your service.

              All in all, we both agree, cant please everyone.

  • Skeletor


    • Skeletor

      Not sweet. The media is going to score TLoU in the 70’s b/c it will play too similarly to the demo :(

  • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

    2 weeks prior to release seems kinda pointless to me. I’ve got the Ellie Edition pre-ordered already so a demo won’t change my mind but I would have loved it to hit earlier to convince more fellas before launch.

    • Kurisu Makise

      Yeah, two weeks seems…too late. Early May was the right spot.

    • PrinceHeir


      what edition? in germany?

      hmm i might get this, since it’s from Uncharted 2 directors/producers :)

      • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

        Got the UK one from

        I’m not stupid enough to let my beautiful Ellie artwork be ruined by the fugly German USK18 logo, paying the special adults-only 5€ delivery fee and receiving a potentially censored game. What I’ve seen so far won’t please German game censors at all, and Sony will have to re-submit the game for certification a couple of times if they want an uncensored German release. Gonna be expensive as fuck (each submission is 3000€).

        • PrinceHeir

          damn that sucks about the readmission.

          still that’s one hell of a awesome box O___O

          btw did you bought Tomb Raider?

          im guess your enjoying Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus on PS Vita first huh? :P

          • I wanna buy the digital version of Tomb Raider. Digital has a few advantages over disc based.

            Loading times and data streaming are much faster than on BluRay and I can play the game without the need for a disc. As I never trade my games in I don’t mind digital only.

            I still have to decide whether I’m buying the UK or the US version, though.

            US is much cheaper, as 60 bucks equal 45€ but I don’t know whether the DLC tomb (“The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer single player DLC pack, in which you can explore the final resting place of an intrepid adventurer, and solve a puzzle involving a crashed plane to claim your reward”) is included as it’s not listed in the US PSN store description whereas it is listed in the UK description. The UK file is around 3 GB larger to boot, but I assume that it includes all EU voice-overs, as the American one is only 10GB in size.

            Which one would you recommend?



            Oh, and actually I’m playing MonMon right now as it requires me to play online to get the Platinum, after that it’s SK and TOH:R time. Gosh, the LE Box of TOH:R is gorgeous.

        • xMCXx

          Speaking of which, I am really anticipating the USK’s verdict on The Last Of Us.
          MGS:Rising got through, at least, so that gives me hope. xD

          • To be fair Konami had to submit it three times until they got the certification. TLOU is definitely gonna be USK18. As it’s published by SCEE chances are high they will re-submit until they get an uncensored release but I would not bet on it.

            PEGI 18 version is my choice =)

  • Bloodios

    This just hit me… The team that is currently working on this game and Uncharted 3 ‘s team are two different team right? So, I wonder if the other team has already went ahead and started working on a project for the PS4 already, or did they simply join back with the team behind The Last of Us to ensure the quality of the game (considering there were already 80 people on the team, doing that might seem a bit excessive?)

    • KingNigma
      This article says that its being developed by a “freshly-formed team within Naughty Dog’s LA offices”

    • Naughty Dog and SCE have both confirmed that a PS4 game is in development in the studio.

      My body is ready.

    • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

      Yea, as Zack said, the U3 team is concocting something for PS4 and I bloody hope it’s not U4! Drake had a great run but let the man rest, he deserves it. I’d rather ND blow us away with a brand new IP at E3 but I’m afraid it’ll be U4 instead, considering the franchise’s immense critical and financial success -_-

  • Well, my birthday is 4 May… So I could get God of War: Ascension in time for this. :3

    GoW: Ascension looks amazing in its own right.

  • Himiko

    So freaking far…

  • big drew

    lol i was going to buy Gow anyway. shit by all means this is good news…..for individuals like myself.