Rumor: Strider leaked for digital platforms - Gematsu
Rumor: Strider leaked for digital platforms
posted on 03.18.13 at 08:10 PM EST by (@salromano)
Strider Hiryu coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE?

A new Strider—or possibly a high-definition update—may be in development for digital platforms.

An image (attached right) of a new Strider box art was discovered on the official Xbox website. It’s since been removed.

Adding more fuel to the fire, a new achievement featuring an image of series protagonist Strider Hiryu also popped up on the Steam registry.

Capcom is announcing two new games at PAX East in Boston on Friday. Perhaps this new Strider is one of them?

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Elvick

    I’d try it, I watched the Game Grumps play it and it looks awesome.

  • 新阿修羅(ShinAsura)

    Wonder if they’re testing the waters to see if a sequel is viable similar to Darkstalkers

  • Go2hell66

    But metal gear rising is like a next gen strider

    • z_merquise

      But a new Strider action game by Platinum Games would be awesome too.

    • PrinceHeir


      next gen Shinobi/Kunoichi :P

      • Kurisu Makise

        If only SEGA would, if only -cries-

  • tubers

    If it’s HD sprite based, it would be great for the VITA.

  • OMG!!! Please let this be true! (Big Strider fan here.)

  • z_merquise

    If this turn out to be true, then I’ll be happy. I hope that this would be done internally by Capcom. But if this would be outsourced, I hope they chose a good developer.

    I wish it to be Platinum Games if this turn to be a 3D action game, If 2D, I think Arc Sys would fit.

    • PrinceHeir

      i just played Hard Corps Uprising just now.

      i wouldn’t mind Arc System Works working on it(they just need to make the backgrounds much better)

      Platinum is an excellent choice as well, but i think i would prefer them making Shinobi/Kunoichi sequel game!

      heck the Zan Datsu feature was kinda like Shinobi were you take other people’s life to help you remain your health in your cursed state.

      though i think the best choice would probably be Vanillaware!!!

      now that would be a grand 2D game O____O

      and yay dungeons and dragons shadow over mystara and tower of doom are coming as well!!

      love these 2D sidescrolling games!!!!!!

      • Skerj

        I love ALL 3 of those choices. Hell letting Vanillaware handle the aesthetics and ASW or Platinum handle the mechanics would make it the best game ever.

        For Capcom internal, only Itsuno’s team has the chops for this. I remember those old rumors that said the next one would be like a futuristic DMC, if it’s not 2D I definitely hope that’s the case.

        • PrinceHeir

          Itsuno seems to be busy with the Dragon’s Dogma franchise(not that i mind at all)

          but yeah prefer if this Strider game is either made by japanese, or just the same PS1 game, but with filters from the fighting HD remixes(3rd Strike OE, Darkstalkers)

          despite being half ass -___-

          btw anyone here have played Moon Diver?

          bought the game release date, haven’t played it much these past 2 years O___O

          need to get on with that, it’s made by Strider creator Koichi Yotsui.

          i didn’t like at first because your attacks felt week and didn’t had alot of impact.

          guess i need to play that game again huh??

          • Skerj

            Yeah I have Moon Diver, if you have it on PSN we can get some co-op in. I still have to put some long lost time into it and Hard Corps Uprising. Have you played Cannon Dancer/Osman?

            • PrinceHeir

              oh sure thing if you want :)

              PSN: PrinceofXIII

              nope, saw it on youtube just now, and wow what an amazing game O____O

              can’t believed i missed this!!!

    • capristrider

      Wow, I agree 100%, if only Platinum Games could turn Strider into an action game, that would be awesome!

  • Musical Cromartie

    Sweet, I like the achievement avatar-hope it’s in HD 2d style.

  • Chris Cruz

    That is one sweet lookin logo there.

  • bearmon2010

    If it’s HD sprite based with new story or something like that then it would be great for the Wii U.. Not Vita, thanks.

  • bearmon2010

    If it’s HD sprite based with new story or something like that then it would be great for the Wii U.. Not Vita, thanks.

  • bearmon2010

    If it’s HD sprite based with new story or something like that then it would be great for the Wii U.. Not Vita, thanks.

  • LordKaiser

    I hope it’s 2D

  • iambuttmustard

    I hope Iron Galaxy is doing this, if it’s true, of course. They’re the best!